Precious Paige

Update 10/28/2015: Paige's file is now on the shared list! We would still love to speak with anyone interested in adopting her!

Paige is a very special, beautiful 11 year old girl with a special story. Paige was first seen by Superkids volunteers in 2012. She was using a walker that was way too small for her and yet she was so sweet and helpful in every way that she could be.

I first met her in June of 2013. She was still using that same tiny walker, but this time we determined that on the next trip to visit her we would take an appropriate walker with us! The thing that amazed me about her (besides her gorgeous smile) was the way the younger children gravitated to her! She was so gentle and kind to them. In spite of being unable to walk without assistance, she cared for the younger ones so lovingly.

In June of 2014 I was there when she got her new walker! At first she seemed a little uncertain about it since it was such a big change for her, but it didn't take long for her to gain confidence. One of my favorite memories of her in this year is of her singing a song with Rocky.

I saw her again in April of this year. I was able to show her some pictures of children who had been adopted from the orphanage that she is in. Her sweet face lit up and she was so excited and wanted to be sure that all of the nannies in the room saw the pictures too.

Paige has spina bifida. She is kind and sweet and beautiful. She walks with a walker. She is incontinent but is on a bowel and bladder program. Each time we asked about her file we were told that we had to find a family for her before they would prepare her file.

But... we received a very exciting, welcome surprise. Paige's file just showed up on our list! So now we can really advocate for her!

This precious girl needs a family! She has waited so long! Now is her chance. Can you help us spread the news by sharing this post?

Could Paige be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting her.