In two weeks we will be heading to Shanghai, the first stop on our #SuperkidsSeptember2015 trip.

Our team will consist of: Gongzhan Wu, Keely O'Dell, Erin Martin, Chelsea Guffy, Janell Plana, and Lora Offer. We will be joined by Rocky from Beijing and Wendy from Changsha. Half way through the trip Janell will be returning home and Sandra Sinclair will be joining us. After our time in China is over, Chelsea, Lora, and Sandra will return to the US while Gongzhan, Keely, and Erin fly to Taiwan where Mary Chapman will join us. (Is your head spinning yet?!)

Our itinerary looks even busier than normal this time. We will be visiting 11 orphanages in 5 provinces in China and 2 orphanages in Taiwan. That means a total of 13 orphanages in 16 days! We will be traveling almost non-stop in China with very few (if any) nights that we stay in the same city more than 1 night.

We are so excited about traveling to new areas, being welcomed into new orphanages, and going back to the places that have become familiar and comfortable. We are especially excited about going to Taiwan to officially launch our Superkids program there!

We are planning to be documenting the trip as much as possible for those following from home. We will be posting here on the blog, to our new Facebook page (don't forget to 'like' it to get updates), Twitter, and Periscope (live feed videos anyone!?).

For anyone not familiar with Periscope, you can download the free Periscope app to your apple or android device and search for Superkids. Follow us and you will get a notification when we are live streaming videos! The videos will be available for 24 hours after we stream them, so you can still watch them even if you are sleeping while we are streaming! Since we now have a portable wifi device we travel with I'm hoping to be able to live stream from orphanages, trains, and everywhere else we find ourselves! If you watch while we are live streaming you can even ask question or make comments which we can see immediately. (Technology is so cool!)

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated items for this trip! We still need a few things on our donations list, so if you would like to help email Erin at erinmrtn@yahoo.com.