From Changsha

I am writing this post from the Changsha orphanage. Right now little Katelyn is in the room right beside me. Her caregiver is answering all of the questions about her daily routine, personality, etc. we just waved good-bye to Aaron, Layla, and Arielle. It is so precious to see them all and to get updates on how they are doing. It is especially fun to see little personalities coming out as the children get older. Aaron's precious giggle from the next room reminds me of the privilege it is to see these children multiple times and watch them blossom.

In the room next to me I hear the medical team, their frequent laughter tells me that everyone is enjoying the time there too.

We just had lunch with the director here. As always we enjoyed both the food and the conversation with him.

As I'm sitting here, my heart is full. It is amazing to be welcomed in to an institution like this. It is  to meet all of these gorgeous children. This morning we have seen lots of kids whose parents are coming for them soon. We have been the ones to give them gifts and photos from their families. As I pause to think about it I am overwhelmed that I get to be a part of this. It is a privilege on so many levels.

Since writing the above we have now moved on to Yichun, Jiangxi. We took the high speed train which we all agree is the way to travel! Tomorrow morning we need to have all of our luggage together and be in the lobby to go to the next orphanage at 8. The schedule is intense and somewhat relentless, but we are all doing well and having a wonderful trip so far.