New Places, New Faces {Ningbo}

Yesterday and today we were in an orphanage that we had never been to before in Ningbo. We met so many precious children!

It's hard for me to pick out a few to highlight, but I'm just going to tell you about a few of the ones who stand out in my mind.

The first boy we met when we arrived yesterday was a 13 year old with OI. He had such an outstanding personality! He so cheerfully did whatever we asked him to do and really loved playing ball with Keely. He just seemed so relaxed and happy.

Then there was the little boy we all fell in love with this morning. We don't know exactly what his diagnosis is, but we know he needs to be seen by doctors in America sooner rather than later! He pretty much had all of us ladies swooning at the first grin. But when he proceeded to try to negotiate for more fruit snacks with hand motions we were absolute goners!

And this little lady! Oh this gorgeous little lady with her snaggle-toothed smile! She is just exquisite! She did so well on all of the tests we do with the children and was so proud of herself when she did well!

Then there was the little boy who told us a very detailed story about a father cat and 3 baby cats. He talked on and on with great animation.

I'm going to stop now, but that is what we experience when we are here. Child after child with their own personality, talents, and things that make them special. Each one with a story just waiting to be told. That is why we are here. To introduce you to them so that they can tell their stories.

Today was our last day to see children here in China. Tomorrow we travel to Shanghai then on Sunday Chelsea, Lora, and Sandra will fly home while Gongzhan, Keely, and Erin will fly to Taiwan. So we may be finished seeing children in China, but this time there is more to come!