#SKSept15 Introductions {Part 2}

I asked each of  the team members traveling to China this time to introduce themselves. I'll be posting them over the next few days. Here are some of their intros in their words.  These are in no particular order, read and enjoy learning to know these wonderful people! 


My name is Janell Plana. I will be joining the Superkids team for the very first time this fall as one of their RN's. I graduated from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs over 12 years ago. I have worked everything from school nurse to medical surgical to ICU. I married my highschool sweetheart and we have 3 sons and 1 daughter. Our sons are biological and our daughter was adopted through Gladney's Superkids program a little over a year ago. I'm excited to be going on this trip and be a part of something so dear to my heart.


Hi! My name is Erin Martin. I'm excited to be preparing for my 4th Superkids trip and my 5th trip to China. I love China! I love the food, the landscape, the enormous cities, the people I have learned to know, but the real reason I go is that I love the children. There are children that I have met several times now that I cannot wait to check on. There are children whose files I have seen and for whom I have advocated and I cannot wait to meet them. There are children who did not have a family the last time I saw them who are now matched with their family, I cannot wait to get photos and videos for their families!

I'm also very excited to be traveling to Taiwan for the first time on this trip. I cannot wait to see the children there! I'm already convinced I'm going to love it there!

I am the team photographer. So I have the very fun job of playing with the children and taking pictures and videos of them. I am also the main person behind the blog and other social media. I'll be doing my best to be sure the trip is well documented for those following from home!