#SKSept15 Introductions {part 3}

I asked each of  the team members traveling to China this time to introduce themselves. These are the last two introductions. Here are some of their intros in their words.  These are in no particular order, read and enjoy learning to know these wonderful people! 


Hello everyone! My name is Keely O'Dell and I am thrilled to be headed back to China for my second Superkids trip.  I am a pediatric physical therapist so I will be part of the medical team. You can find a refresher all about me here (link to my previous blog introduction).  But my big update is that I got married last weekend (9/5/15)!! 

I  can't wait for my China honeymoon with the Superkids team (though I am not sure my husband is as excited that he is missing out).  I am so excited to see all the kiddos-- those that are matched, those we are advocating for, those that we will meet for the first time. It is such an honor to get to be the "bridge" between you all and these awesome kids.  And... we are adding Taiwan as well.  It is just too good to be true. 


My name is Chelsea. I am a recent law school graduate, but really, at the heart of that degree, I just consider myself an advocate. In 2013, after a grueling first year of law school, the work of an advocate became real to me when I stepped into my first orphanage.

Superkids opened my world and may have been the single driving passion that got me through law school. I couldn't believe how fortunate I was to be welcomed into what felt to me like a family of volunteers who all shared my same passion for adoption and child-focused advocacy. Women like Pat Marcus, Erin Martin, and Darla Wrage became both my mentors and friends. I wanted to be all of them. 

Pat with her vast experience and "every child deserves a family" veracity; Erin with her eye for beauty and ever-smart thoughtfulness; Darla with her light-hearted personality and gift for listening. They each taught me so much about the type of person I want to be, but inevitably it was the children that taught me about the type of advocate I need to be. 

These children are amazing advocates for themselves and each of them are so deserving of families. I think of children like sweet Paige, who we have been advocating for recently. On paper and in practicality, she may be "hard to place" but in person, she's magnetic-- just like each of the children we meet. They have this way of reaching their little hands straight into your heart and holding it fast. They ask, unapologetic, with their words, their hands, their eyes, to be loved. They are the real advocates. My job is just to help them be heard.