some work and some rest

Today brought some much needed relaxation. We started the day at the Xingyu social welfare institute. It was good to see familiar faces and also meet new children. We periscoped our morning play time so make sure to check us out so you can see these sweetie for yourself and follow the rest of our journey.

After lunch our friend Miss Zhou arranged for us to do some sightseeing. Miss Zhou is the head official of children's affairs in the province and she is utterly delightful. She took us to a tour of a huge cave in the countryside. It was immense and incredible. There is something strangely comforting about feeling small and full of wonder after long hard days in the orphanages.

As we walked through the cave, our guide told us a legend of the cave. The story goes that a man fell in love with a woman who came down from heaven and they hid in the cave until the gods came and took her back to heaven. So basically it's a story about loving someone from far away, which I think our whole team can relate to. Each of us leave behind the ones we love to come on this trip and then when we return home we realize that the children here have completely stolen our hearts. So we forever live in this kind of in between, always loving from afar.

The ride back to the hotel through the countryside was peaceful.

It was a good day.