Traveling Through Fujian

Today we traveled by bus from Fuzhou to two other cities in the Fujian province. We traveled through countryside that was breathtaking in it's raw beauty. We saw misty mountains with cascading waterfalls. We saw rivers and lakes and villages nestled in valleys. It was absolutely incredible.

I'll also admit that the drive was breathtaking in other ways. Let's just say that it is probably a good thing that our families at home did not know about the hairpin curves and the speed we passed other vehicles on said curves!

We saw so many beautiful and amazing children again today. We visited two smaller more rural orphanages. We left lots of crayons, coloring books, balls, etc. which so many of you donated. These kids don't have much and seemed really excited by these items.

There was one little boy with Down Syndrome who loved to color so, so much! He sat there and colored for a long time and then was super thrilled when we gave him a coloring book to keep. It was really precious!

Tomorrow we plan to leave the hotel at 6:30 AM for another long day of traveling here in Fujian. Which means it is time for bed here in China!