Meet Max {Taiwan}

Max is a sweet and gentle boy who lives in foster care. He is often quiet, but isn't afraid to speak up when he wants or needs something. Max lives with a foster family and three other foster sons. He is closest to the foster son who is a year older than him. He attends preschool and has shown great improvement in his learning ability. He gets along well with his peers and enjoys going to school. 

Max is diagnosed as having epilepsy and currently takes medication. He is also suspected to have mild cerebral palsy, as he walks with a slight gait to his step. He is noted to have cognitive, speech and language delays and is attending physical, occupational, and language therapies. He is also noted as having renal and ureter dysplasia. We have full medical evaluations available for review, along with videos.
To review Max's full profile, including photos and videos, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at