Marlon {Taiwan}

Shy and as handsome as they come… When Marlon, age 11, first came in to meet us he was shy and his caregivers were quick to tell us he was nervous. Before long we were able to see the true fun loving, smiley, gracious, respectful boy.

Legos in hand we were set to figure out what the kit was going to make. He was so precious as every time a piece of Lego was handed to him he would reply in English, “Thank you.” And of course sport a big grin my way. He was so proud of the completed project. And was eager to move on to the next set to make yet another Lego surprise.

Marlon is in the 5th grade and has some delays. He told us that he loves sports, especially basketball and dodgeball. He also really likes riding bikes.

Marlon may be shy and of course he was nervous to meet a bunch of strangers… Who wouldn’t be? This precious boy is searching for his forever family… Could that be you? For more information on Marlon, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at

An Update On... Rylan

Rylan now has a $4,500 grant through Gladney!!

Rylan is such a great boy! I loved meeting him in September, but seeing him again in April was just so much fun. He is 11 years old and is deaf. He communicates very well with writing. He reads and writes very well and is a very intelligent boy.

We were surprised to see that Rylan has a cochlear implant. When he was taken to a quiet place he could hear and respond to questions. He needs more focused therapy to get the full benefit of the implant.

He loved the little toy poppers we had with us and would pop them over and over, laughing as they went different directions and heights.

Rylan is such a great kid! He needs a family to help him thrive! Could that be you? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

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Exciting News!!


Hank is a handsome 8 year old boy who enjoys playing games with his friends.

He is described as a quiet boy who is very polite. He greets the caregiver each day when she arrives at the orphanage and tells her good-bye when she leaves in the evening.

Hank likes Legos and is good at building things with them. He also enjoys playing with balls. He is in first grade and is doing very well. He counts to 100 and does addition and subtraction. He writes his name and likes to draw. He takes a special class in Peking Opera and played a monkey in the Children's Day celebrations.

Hank has treated syphilis and seems to be doing very well in his physical and mental development.

Hank wants a family of his own. Could that be you? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Micah {Taiwan}

Lights, camera, action… Micah is full of life! From the moment he came into the room he stole the show. With his caregivers in tow he was off to the races… following directions, singing songs - with hand motions included - and even bowing to say hello. 

It is no surprise why Micah is such a lovable little guy. He is happy and willing to engage anyone that he comes in contact with. He was sure to bow hello to me and look through the animal match cards. Then off to the play house to knock and say hello. In and out the door and up and down the slide he went… 

Full of energy for all the fun life brings… Micah is in search of his forever family. Micah has Down syndrome, but he sure is one special little boy, an extra chromosome makes him just who he is! He is in search of his forever family. A family that will love him unconditionally just the way he is. 

Could that be you? For more information on Micah – including an adorable video of him imitating animal sounds! – please be in touch with Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at


Herman is a cute little almost 3 year old boy. He likes to play with blocks and balls and is described by his caregiver as a quiet little boy.

Herman sits by himself and walks with support, he follows commands and understands what is said to him. He is speaking only single words such as mama right now.

Herman has minor CHD and peripheral facial neuroparalysis. He also has post-op cryptorchid.

His file states that he likes to be cuddled by adults and will stand at the edge of his playpen and raise his arms, hoping to be picked up and cuddled. Just look at that little face! I would love to cuddle him!

Herman needs a family to give him all the cuddles he could ever wish for! Could he be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Mason {Taiwan}

Silly boy… Mason came across so shy and quiet at first. Before long he was chatting away to his caregiver about his Lego adventure. My job was to turn the pages as he followed the directions and occasionally direct his eye to the piece he was hunting. Before long the whole kit was together and he was a happy little guy.

With the Lego kit together it was time to try out the lollipop… of course he tried the blue one. Mason was excited to try that flavor since it was new to him. It was a Kodak moment when his tongue became blue. He was eager to show it off to the camera, giggling all the while. Even with the blue tongue he claims his favorite color is red. He also told our Superkids team that he wants to be a ninja when he grows up so that he can protect the earth!

Blue tongue and all, Mason is one special kid. He has some delays, but he does not let that slow him down! He is looking for his forever family. He is in search of a mommy and daddy that will share in the silly moments and love him unconditionally. Could that be you? 

For more information on Mason, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman at


In honor of Albinism Awareness Day. Meet Hope! 

Monday Morning Matches!!

Matches, Matches, read all about it!!

Another Monday and more wonderful news!

Our little Gia has a family!!

As does beautiful Renae!!

And darling little Leah!!

Each of these three girls are so special in their own way. Each of their families are perfect for them. Each of us at Superkids are over the moon excited. Please share in our excitement and congratulate these families by liking and sharing this post.

An Update On... REID!

Yesterday we posted about Remy, today we are posting about his friend, Reid.

Reid is a smiley, talkative boy who is in 3rd grade at public school. He was very proud of speaking a few English phrases to us. He is a smart boy who put complex puzzles together for us. He speaks both Mandarin and the local dialect and can read and write. He speaks very clearly in long, complex sentences.

Reid has treated hydrocephalus.

Reid is an active little boy who loves to play outside and run. He like to play ball too, as you can see! Keely noted that he throws and kicks hard!

Reid is a great little boy who needs a family! Could he be your son?

Please contact April at for more information.

An Update On... REMY!

Remy - I smile when I think about this little boy. He is a little bit shy and talks quietly, but you can see his fun personality when he grins and it really comes out when you watch him play!

Remy is almost 10. He has slight paralysis and is a little bit weaker on his left side, but you hardly even notice it when you meet him. He can do activities such as screwing a lid on a small bottle with his left hand, but prefers to use his right hand for this type of activity.

He is in 3rd grade at school. He does addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts and reads and writes Mandarin.

His favorite toy is a bicycle, and at this orphanage the children do spend time playing outside and have outside toys.

Remy needs a family. He is doing well in the orphanage, Just imagine how he would flourish in a family. Could he be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Meet Mark! {Taiwan}

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…  Mark one day wishes to drive a real bus. For now he loves pretending to drive the bus. He was quick to look out the window as he pretended to drive and tell the caregiver all the locations he thought I would like. Of course after I gave him my bus ticket.

After our time pretending to play bus he decided to explore the play house. It wasn’t long until we were playing hide and seek. Of course it was much easier for him to find a place to hide… and he was so excited each time he was found. He would give a giggle and wrinkle his face so much that he had to push his little round glasses back into place.  Just when I thought that he was tired of the game he asked his caretaker to ask me to hide again. What a precious little guy!

Mark had an extra digit removed from his right hand when he was an infant. While he has some muscle weakness, he has good mobility of his hand and fingers.

The happiness on his face and the sound of his giggles still ring in my mind. This little guy is looking for a special family to call his own. Could that family be you?

For more information on Mark, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at

Happy Monday!!

We have matches to announce!

QIONG!  {China}

 SABRINA!  {China}

COLE! {China}

DARCY! {Taiwan}

We are so excited for all of these precious children and their families!


We visited Leroy for the third time in April. We glanced at this paperwork then looked a little closer. It was Leroy's 3rd birthday! So we sang, and Leroy got 2 packages of fruit snacks rather than the standard 1 package per child.

My favorite memory of Leroy from the April trip is how much he loved looking at himself in the mirror! He looked and giggled and kissed himself then looked at himself again. It was just too adorable!

Leroy has Down syndrome and CHD. He was sooooo close to walking when we met him! He stacked cups for us and really loved looking at books. He babbles but isn't saying words yet.

Another thing that brought peals of laughter from him was playing peek-a-boo! And his laugh is so cute! We couldn't help laughing with him!

Could this amazing little boy be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information!


Dewey now has a $4,500 grant through Gladney!

've met a lot of children in China over the years. But there are always a few that stand out in one way or the other. And on that note, meet Dewey!

Isn't he just too cute!? Look at that little grin! ACK! I can't even handle all this cuteness!

Dewey is 2. He is active and outgoing. We have met little Dewey multiple times and in April the advocacy camp volunteers played with him too. They described him as affectionate and said he enjoyed playing with bubbles.

Dewey has CHD and a cleft palate. He is curious and happy. He is walking and starting to put 2 words together. His nanny told us she thinks he is "very, very smart".

He follows simple commands, stacks blocks, and puts crayons back in the box. He scribbles on paper. He had so much fun on the little slide that was in the room! He loves looking at himself in the mirror too!

Dewey needs a family! Could that be you?

Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.