Mason {Taiwan}

Silly boy… Mason came across so shy and quiet at first. Before long he was chatting away to his caregiver about his Lego adventure. My job was to turn the pages as he followed the directions and occasionally direct his eye to the piece he was hunting. Before long the whole kit was together and he was a happy little guy.

With the Lego kit together it was time to try out the lollipop… of course he tried the blue one. Mason was excited to try that flavor since it was new to him. It was a Kodak moment when his tongue became blue. He was eager to show it off to the camera, giggling all the while. Even with the blue tongue he claims his favorite color is red. He also told our Superkids team that he wants to be a ninja when he grows up so that he can protect the earth!

Blue tongue and all, Mason is one special kid. He has some delays, but he does not let that slow him down! He is looking for his forever family. He is in search of a mommy and daddy that will share in the silly moments and love him unconditionally. Could that be you? 

For more information on Mason, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman at