Update for Sierra!

We got to see Sierra while we were in China earlier this month. Oh my! What a sweetheart! She is 5 years old and is blind. She loves to be held and stroked softly.

She is in foster care and seems to have a close, trusting relationship with her foster mom.

She walks using a walker or if someone holds both of the hands. She is just so cute pushing her little walker around! I want to see her learn to live independently in a family!

She needs a family who will help her thrive! Could sweet Sierra be your daughter? She has a $5,000 private grant available! Please help us find her family by sharing her posts!

 Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information about Sierra!

The Information

When we arrive home form a trip to China or Taiwan we have so much information! We saw hundreds of children in the weeks we were there. We have a sheet detailing our time spent with them for each one. We have thousands of photos. I took 4, 175 photos in the two weeks I was there and 320 videos. Each of these must be edited and placed in the correct child's folder. Then the information sheets, the photos, and the videos all need to be uploaded to Dropbox. That's a whole lotta uploading!

So we start with the matched families because we know that after waiting for the two weeks we were there then for us to get the information to them they feel as if they are  dying a slow, painful death. Believe me, I have been on the waiting end. It is torture! So we start there.

Then it is time for the information updates for the children we are currently advocating for. It is so fun to have new information, photos, and videos that you know could make this child stand out and be seen by their family! So watch for the updated blog posts over the next couple of weeks! Children like Lyle, Lorelei, and Sierra will have all new blog posts!

We continue to organize our information so that it is all there as files come in throughout the coming weeks and months until we go again.

It is a privilege and an honor to be trusted with all of this for all of these children!

Taiwan Match!

We are so thrilled to announce that sisters Dakota and Delia are matched! We’ve been advocating for these awesome girls for a while, and met them during our Superkids trip earlier this month and in May. The opportunity for Superkids to meet these sisters and advocate for them is what eventually found them their forever family.

Our fingers are crossed that the remaining process will move quickly and seamlessly so that these girls can be home soon!

The Ones We Didn't See

We are home again and working through jet lag and the normal fog of re-entry into our everyday lives. We have hundreds of forms and videos and thousands of pictures that we are organizing in order to get them out to families waiting for updates and to use for advocacy.

I'm excited to have new information and pictures to share, but I'm not quite ready to move forward with that.

First I need to acknowledge something beautiful that I thought about over and over as we visited orphanage after orphanage. There were children we didn't see this time because they are not there any more. They are home. Home with their families, where they belong.

 I think of Landon, Samson,  Levi, Chrystal, Suzannah, and many others. These are children who have been seen by Superkids many times, but they don't need us anymore.

This is why we do what we do. These are children who don't have a voice. We give them that voice. Sometimes they advocate for themselves and we merely give them the platform through which their voice can be heard. Landon was one of the most amazing self advocates we have ever met. He knew he wanted and needed a family and he expressed himself so well!

It is a sacred responsibility. Every trip we meet children who are just waiting for a family to see them for who they really are and to take that step to bring them home. This trip was no exception.

By next trip there will be more children who are not there because they are at home. We will take more care packages and show children pictures of their families for the first time. We will keep on speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

It is what keeps us going. The ones who aren't there because they are HOME!


We weren't able to blog last night due to poor internet speed, but I don't want to miss blogging about the wonderful day we had at the Enmei orphanage! It was such a great way to end our time seeing children for this trip. Between giving packages to the matched children and seeing sweet little familiar faces and meeting new children it was just perfect.

One of the new little girls we met

Almost right away in the morning little Noah came in! He is walking well and his sweet little smile makes everyone around him smile too.

I think Noah looks happy to see his Mama!

Neil getting his care package

Nick seeing Mama and Baba's picture
Nikki was just a cute and sweet as ever. I am just in awe of how determined she is to do what she wants to do and how joy filled she is!

We were all very happy to see that Nancy still loves warm hugs!

Later in the afternoon Andy came in with his endearing grin. I can't even tell you how my heart sings at the thought of him thriving in a family. He obviously knows us and gave Darla a big hug as he was leaving.

Something funny happened at the end of the day. On Thursday evening Melissa was WeChatting photos of cakes to Darla so that Darla could show them to her daughter. Rocky saw all of the cake pictures being sent to Darla and assumed that it must be Darla's birthday. So he had one of the college students who helped us with translation buy Darla a cake. Part way through the day he needed to purchase a train ticket for Darla and saw in her passport that her birthday is not until December! We already had the cake, so we had a birthday party for Darla anyway! We sang and ate cake and took pictures. It was fabulous! Darla said it was the best birthday ever. She got cake but didn't turn a year older!

What a fun way to end our time together!


Connection is one of those words that adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents use and think about a lot. Before you meet your child it may be one of your biggest questions. Will my child be able to form a connection, a bond with their new family? Will they have received enough love to keep their little hearts open to be able to give and receive love?

Today we witnessed ample evidence of connection. We were in the Jing Hai foster care center near Tainjin. Most of the children were brought in by their foster parents. We saw it in the pictures and videos we were shown by proud foster moms. We saw it as we watched the care that was being given as the children waited for their turn to be seen. We saw it in the smiles and laughter at the children's antics. We saw it in facial expressions.

Did we see some difficult things today? Of course we did! These children need a permanent loving home where they can receive medical care and the therapies they need. They need parents who adore them and are committed to them for life!

But today our hearts were lightened by the good we saw.

Just One Photo...

Just one photo to sum up our whole day.


We had such a great day in Tianjin!

This morning we went to the Tianjin CWI and had a tour and saw a few children there. After lunch we headed over to a foster care center and jumped right in to seeing children. We only had a few hours to work, but we still managed to see 16 children.

What an awesome bunch! Tonight I'm especially thinking of two boys we met. Both are 11 years old and have some physical disabilities. Both are amazing in their determination to figure out how to do whatever they want to do! They both paint beautifully. And both are very intelligent. And, of course, they both need a family.

Please ask us about the kids we meet! We want to, love to, talk about them!

Superkids in China {Ji'an}

What should I say about visiting Ji'an? Do you want to hear about the new little boy who was just admitted here who is cuter than cute and sharp as a tack?

Or do you just want to gaze at the many expressions of one of the baby girls we met today?

Do you want me to speak of the infectious joy of Jewel? 

Or would you rather hear about the boy who loved the little musical toys we brought with us and bounced from activity to activity trying to take everything in. Here he is looking at himself in the mirror!

Or the little girl who didn't smile much, but she loved when Melissa bounced her on the ball and played with her.

I could also write an entire blog post about the hospitality of the staff here and the food we were so graciously served, not only for lunch, but for dinner as well.

I guess for today I will present a little of all of this and hope that you can see the children as we get to see them; as living, breathing, giggling, crying, feeling, real little people. Children who need us, all of us, to do what we can for them. Every one of these children deserve the chance to be loved in a family. 

Former Shared List Trip Jiangxi Province

Superkids has another team in China. As we are visiting our partnership orphanages they are visiting children whose files were formerly on the shared list. Read about their 3rd day visiting children in the Jiangxi province!

Day Three was another full day.

Another day of leaving pieces of our hearts across China.

Before visiting each SWI, each "shared list" child was a name, date of birth and diagnosis on a list.  Now, well now, they are a living, breathing, PART of each of our hearts' on this team, which is exactly why CCCWA and four U.S.A. adoption agencies proposed this initiative.  We wanted to get to really know these children, so we could properly advocate for them.

How can you look into the eyes of an eleven year old girl, severely hearing impaired and unable to speak (although able to make noises), cut-off from the world because she doesn’t have access to sign language and NOT be changed.  The simple act of giving her a hair bow and access to puzzles, beads and other educational items, brightened her entire countenance.  She was SO eager to learn.  She couldn’t get enough of it and stayed with us until the last child left for the day!  

A  piece of our hearts left behind...

Or what about this little boy??  He ROCKED the place with his plaid-on-plaid shirt and pants.  

Dearly loved by his foster parents and oh SO bright!

How can you resist his smile and charm?

A piece of our hearts left behind...

And then the three year old little girl diagnosed with Downs…

I’m pretty sure she ran the show when she walked in the door.  No, let me rephrase that…she DID run the show when she walked in the door!

She kept us laughing with her little “attitude” and told us all how to do our jobs.  She was equal parts attitude and smile!  She was a “saucy” girl for sure!!

After finishing our assessment she demanded a ride on her ayi’s back and happily rode to the door of the room at which point she demanded to be put down to walk hand-in-hand with her little friend down the hall to go back to her room in the orphanage.

If you’ve ever considered a daughter diagnosed with Down’s and want a girl who knows her mind but will give you the smile of your life, this is your girl!

A piece of our hearts left behind…

Another day complete, two more of LOVING what we are doing and leaving pieces of our hearts in China.

Superkids in China {Yichun & XinYu}

I was not with the group that visited the Jiangxi province on our April trip, so I was excited to see the children here that I have not seen for a year!

The team minus Rocky and Erin(photographer)

When we went into the room in Yichun the first child brought in was Carter and I wasn't even sure it was him he had grown so much! But it was and he was a cuddly and cute as ever!

We have met so many little children this trip! It is unusual in that way. Most of the time there just aren't this many babies to hold. I'm not complaining for sure, though I do love playing with the school aged crowd as well!

In the afternoon we drove from Tichun to XinYu. Due to a little mix up on the driver's part we took the "scenic route" and our big bus bumped along little roads that were all torn up because of construction for quite a while before hitting the smoother, larger road to XinYu. The bumping was all worth it when we got there and saw the foster moms lined up waiting with the kids!

Here is a new picture of Sierra!

XinYu tends to get a little crazy since the foster moms each are responsible for several children and they tend to congregate in the room we are in. The kids playing and crying, moms visiting, clapping and encouraging kids to smile for pictures, and answering questions about the children all unite to create a chaotic cacophony of noise that I have never experienced in any other setting.

Savannah seeing Mama and Baba for the first time!

The director of the XinYu SWI is always so gracious and took us out to a local restaurant. She said she knows we eat in "nice" restaurants all the time, but she wanted us to experience an authentic XinYu restaurant and dishes. The food was absolutely scrumptious! This is a picture of a man beating the rice for the sticky rice dessert we had.

Our next orphanage to visit is Ji'an. We will be there then heading to Nanchung where we will meet the team who is seeing former shared list children in this same province. We are ready for some rest this weekend, but it has been a wonderful week!

Superkids in China {Changsha Day 2}

Today we saw more children in Changsha. Many of these children we have seen before, and that just makes seeing them again even more fun. To see their little faces light up with recognition is so bittersweet. Sweet because we know them and love them but so bitter that they are still there.

This is Leo. We have seen Leo at least once a year since 2013. We've watched him grow from a little boy 7 year old to a bigger, more mature 10 year old. Leo has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He is smart and loves to connect with people. He loves any activity we do with him. When we asked him what he dislikes his answer was "living here." He knows. He needs a family and he knows he needs a family. Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information about him.

Just before we left they said we had four more children to see and they brought out the baby babies. One little boy was only 3 months old. What a sweet way to end our day!

We traveled by high speed train to the Jiangxi province where we will be for the rest of this week. Be sure you are following our Facebook page for updates throughout each day!