Family Friday {Taiwan Matches!!}

We are so excited to celebrate two little boys and their families today! Both Dylan, age 2 ½, and Damien, almost 3, have officially been matched to their forever families!



We wish these families a smooth and speedy court process!

Gladney's Waiting Children Video!

A little fun for you today! Take a peek at Gladney's waiting children! All of these are children we have met and whose paperwork is completed or at a point that we know it will be completed soon. Please ask us for more information about a specific child by sending an email to and making sure to mention the child's advocacy name. As is stated in the video, families already working with Gladney always have priority in matching.


Watch Heena's video and please share it! We need to find this sweet girl's family! She is 7 years old and has CHD for which she has already received some treatment in China!

Max {Taiwan}

Max turned 5 years old in December. We met this sweet boy during our trip last May and are hoping to see him again during our next trip. Max is a gentle boy with a very cute smile that lights up his whole face. He was pretty shy when we met him but warmed up the longer he was with us. 

He came to meet us with his foster mother. She told us that he loves playing and helping to take care of younger children. We witnessed this ourselves when some younger children came into the room – he wanted to play with them and was even using our phones to take pictures of them!

Max loves music! His foster mother told us he loves to dance whenever he hears music. He also likes to imitate what others are doing, especially other children.

Max has epilepsy, renal and ureter dysplasia, and delays. He attends school and also attends early intervention. Could Max be your son? We have lots of information on this cutie! Please contact Mary Chapman at

Family Friday!

Happy, happy Friday! We are winding down the week with the best type of news! We have matches to announce!!


Our beautiful little Harmony has a family and we are so excited for them and for her! She will be home soon, getting all the love and care she needs!

We also have another match to announce. We have an expat family fostering a little boy in China. We were able to get the file of the little boy for them and they now have approval to adopt him! Working with expat families is a growing and exciting part of our program! And just look at this cuteness!!!

Congratulations to all! We could not be more excited for you!

All You Need Is Love {Leonard}

Leonard is a handsome 5 year old boy who likes to play with cars and trucks. He like to build things with blocks. He likes the things you would expect a 5 year old to like.

Leonard has cerebral palsy and is a hepatitis B carrier. His file also lists developmental delays. That sounds like quite a few needs for one little 5 year old boy, but he has another need that overshadows all of those needs. He needs love, he needs a family.

When it comes right down to it, his needs are the same as yours and mine. He needs love.

Leonard walks using a walker and crawls. He is in therapy and wears braces on his legs. He writes and draws and colors. He even drew a cute little stick person with a huge smile!

He is a quiet, observant little boy. He watches what is happening around him and it is fun to watch his expression change as he quietly observes the room.

Could Leonard be your son? Please contact us at for more information.

All You Need Is Love {Marlene - Taiwan}

Meet 7 year old Marlene! She was a little shy at first but soon warmed up and became very personable. After a few rounds of questions she exclaimed “I’m out of my wits!” because of all the questions!

Let me tell you about Marlene’s favorite thing in the whole world – her baby doll! She loves playing mommy and taking care of her baby doll! She told us all about how her baby has a fever and how she has to take care of her. When I asked what other toys she likes to play with she told me she only likes playing with her baby!

Marlene is in a special education class at school and her foster mother told us that she does well. She gets along with the other students in the class and generally can play well with other children. She can be a little stubborn at times, but usually she has a mild, gentle personality.

Marlene has Prader-Willi syndrome and developmental delays. We have a ton of information that can be shared, including videos! For more information on Marlene, please be in touch with Taiwan program caseworker Mary Chapman at

All You Need Is Love {Luca}

It is the week of hearts and love and we have a little one to introduce who will inspire all of the googly heart-eyes when you look at him!

See there. All.the.googly.heart.eyes!!

This is Luca. He is 2 years old. And speaking of hearts, his little heart was pretty broken when he was born. He has CHD (TOF) and has had 2 operations in China. right now he is in Shanghai (not where he is from) living with a foster family following his second surgery. He is doing very well, and a report from about 6-8 weeks ago says we "did a heart echo and ECG to see his little heart. All went well. Otherwise he is happy, really happy boy!"

And he is cute. My goodness, is he ever cute. Everyone whom we have spoken to about him tells us how smart he is. We did not see him when we were in China in October, but we met him in April and at that time (he had just turned 2) he was walking independently. He was communicating well using simple words. He could feed himself and loved eating the little yogurt melts we had with us.

Luca has been cared for in the Butterfly Home, which means he has received so much love and attention! He has been truly treasured, which is such an amazing gift for a frail baby boy born with a broken little heart!

This was taken just 6-8 weeks ago in Shanghai.
Luca needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information!


Are you ready for some squishy baby boy cuteness?

Well, hello Luke!! It is your day to shine!

Luke just turned 2 and has Hepatitis C. He is on track (if not advanced) developmentally. He walks, runs, and jumps. He is learning to talk and has the cutest little voice!

He is a happy little boy. When we saw him in October his caregiver told us who his best friend was. It was a little boy, close to the same age, who has since come home to his family. That just makes me sad.

He is a curious little fellow who loved playing with our papers and looking through the things we had with us to find out what all was there. His caregiver described him as "smart and healthy".

Luke needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information.


We have a little artist to introduce this morning! Leon is 9 years old and loves to paint and color. He is pretty good at it too! He was very careful about coloring in the lines and loved using bright colors!

Leon is delayed developmentally, has cerebral palsy, and has burn scars on his left arm. He attends school at the orphanage, where art is his favorite subject. He is an active, curious little boy.

Leon speaks in simple phrases, and can answer questions correctly. He counts to 10 and knows his colors. He walks and runs independently, though he has a bit of a limp. He can go up and down steps if he has a rail to hold onto.

The most outstanding thing about Leon is his sweet spirit. He has an unusual sweetness about him that makes you feel very drawn to him. He likes to show us his pictures and loves it when we make a big deal about how beautiful they are. He loves attention. He needs affirmation.

He needs a family. Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information. Please take a chance on Leon!!

Dustin & Diana {Taiwan - URGENT!!}

We learned from our partner agency in Taiwan that siblings Dustin and Diana’s adoption case may be closed due to lack of interest from adoptive families. Let’s not give up on these sweet siblings!

Superkids has met Dustin and Diana twice and trust me when I say they are awesome kids! 9 year old Dustin was so proud of himself when we praised him during our evaluation in October – his smile lit up the whole room! He can be very shy around strangers but his foster mom told us he has gotten much better at opening up. We certainly witnessed this too – he was good at answering my questions and even said “Thank you” in English when we were done!

When I asked Dustin what makes him happy, he said playing outside, reading, and drawing. When I asked him how he would describe himself, he was at first shy and said he didn’t know. But then he shared that he thought he was considerate to others, a good boy, and then he beamed and said “I’m cute!”. You certainly are, Dustin!

Diana will turn 8 years old at the end of the month. She is talkative and lively. She loved interacting with all of us and had fun playing and being silly. Her foster mom told us that she gets along well with other kids and enjoys playing house and other pretend games. Her social worker told us that Diana is generous, has a big heart, and is great at building relationships with people.

When I asked Diana what makes her happy she smiled big and say “Playing!”. When I asked her what makes her mad, she said that she never gets angry! She told me that she has a lot of friends at school and they like to play a game where they pretend to be chased by ghosts and have to make it to the wall for safety – such an imagination!

Could Dustin and Diana be your son and daughter? Please share this post so that we can find their forever family! For more information on these amazing siblings, please contact Taiwan program caseworker, Mary Chapman, at


As we enter the month of hearts and heart awareness, here is a baby girl with a heart condition who needs a family!

Sweet baby Harmony was matched with a family, but the match fell through, and we are again looking for a family for this gorgeous baby girl.

Harmony is 2 years old and has CHD (TOF) and limb differences involving her hands. She is described as happy and out-going.

She walks by herself and responds to her name. She speaks in simple words and phrases and expresses her needs to her caregiver. She stacks blocks and scribbles on paper. She seems to have a close relationship with her caregiver.

Could this little sweetheart be your daughter? We would love to speak with you about Harmony! Please email us at for ore information.


We have posted about Rosie before. We have shown her videos and her adorable little pictures. We have met her, held her, seen her slowly warm up and start to play with us. We are losing her file soon and we have not yet had a family who is ready or able to take a chance on Rosie.

Rosie is 4 years old. Her fontanelles closed earlier than they should have and she has a brain scan with some abnormal findings on it. She is developmentally a little behind her peers. But she is learning! She is growing! She is doing so well!

Please take a chance on Rosie. She is worth it. She deserves a family. Please contact us at for more information. We would love to speak with you!