McKenna {Taiwan}

Who was this little girl with the cutest little bob? It was McKenna. She came into the room, shy and quiet and quickly eyed what she wanted to play with while she waited patiently for her turn. She wore a cute dress with jeans, being ever particular about not getting it dirty as she waited. 

While waiting she was given a bag to pick out some homemade bracelets. She took her time picking out a few, making sure to grab just the right ones, as if to make sure it didn’t clash with her outfit. But don’t let this little fashionista fool you; she likes to play with the boys. Without hesitation she showed us how she could kick, throw, and catch a ball; something she likes to do with her foster brothers.

When she’s not playing with the boys, she loves to play dress up and get pretty.  Once she’s comfortable she becomes very talkative and showing you all the tricks she can do on the playground equipment.

Could this little fashionista tomboy be your daughter? Contact Mary Chapman at

Meet Gavin!

Gavin is a darling little 2 year old boy. He is currently in the care of the Shanghai Healing Home. If you scroll through their Facebook page you will see more cute pictures of him. We kept his advocacy name so that he is easy to find on their page.

Gavin has clubbed feet. He has received treatment at the Healing Home and is doing really well. He has had lots of opportunities to participate in things that most kiddos in orphanages don't get to experience.

He is saying simple words. He wears braces on his feet, but when his braces are not on he can walk with assistance. He can build block towers and bang two blocks together.

He is described as a sweet and cuddly baby. Could this darling little boy be your son? Please contact us at for more information.

Micah - Our Little Star {Taiwan}

Micah may be 4 but he knows what he likes and doesn’t like. And don’t you know it; he liked sunglasses. Once he put the sunglasses on it was game over. This kid knows how to work it and he was such a ham. He would look for the camera and strike a pose every time. We got hip Micah, smiley Micah, and superstar Micah just to name a few.

Once you meet Micah, you cannot stay away from him.  His big smile radiates across his face while his deep dark brown eyes draw you in and melt your soul.  His loveable character can be seen when he sees his caregiver from across the room and runs with arms wide open to embrace them with a huge hug. 

Micah likes to keep you on your toes; you never know what he might do. But what you do know is that he is always trying to make you smile and laugh.

Micah is diagnosed with Down syndrome, but he doesn’t let that extra chromosome slow him down.

Could this star be your son? Micah has a $4000 grant through Gladney. Contact Mary Chapman at

An Update on Iris!

We requested and received an update on Iris! You can read all about her here, but in brief she is 5 years old and has developmental delays and esotropia. Just look at this little cutie riding her bike! We would love to tell you more about her! Please contact us at for more information.

Magical Mickey {Taiwan}

The advocacy name Mickey was chosen after the cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Not only is Mickey Mouse the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company but he is known throughout the world as the fun loving adventurous little mouse that saves the day with his cuteness.  And boy does the name fit. Mickey is a 1 and a half year old little bundle of cuteness. 

Having just woken up from a nap, he was not sure what was going on. He wanted to just snuggle on his care givers lap and take it all in before checking things out.  He was very attached to his care giver and was content being in her lap, while she was very content letting him stay for as long as he needed. 

Once he was ready, he showed off his walking skills. He holds tight to your hands and takes off, while his face shines with every step of accomplishment.  


Mickey has some delays and agenesis of the corpus callosum. Could this bundle of magic be your son? Contact Mary Chapman at for more information.


Meet little miss Lolly! She is 2 years old and is described as observant and curious. We met her in October and she was pretty quiet, but she watched everything happening in the room with interest.

Lolly is diagnosed with rickets and an ear deformity. She may also have some developmental delays, though she was reaching appropriate milestones when we met her. She likes to imitate sounds, words, and expressions. It is super cute and something you don't expect from such a tiny girl!

She was crawling but not yet walking when we met her. She has some bowing in her legs. She fed herself baby puffs and banged toys together. She enjoyed seeing herself in the little mirror we had and kept looking at herself over and over. She stacked a few blocks and knocked them over.

This sweet little one needs a family! Could she be your daughter? Please contact us at for more information.

Family Friday!

It's Friday and we have NEWS TO ANNOUNCE!!! You guessed it, MATCHES, MATCHES, MATCHES!!!


Nico & Nevaeh {Twins}


Congratulations to each of these families! We are over the moon excited with you!

Danny & Declan {Taiwan}

Meet brothers Danny and Declan! We were able to meet Danny during our most recent Superkids trip to Taiwan, but unfortunately weren’t able to meet Declan. However, we have both boys full profiles and really cute photos and video of both boys!

Never have you met a kid you just wanted to hug as much as Danny. With his deep dark brown eyes to his ridiculously cute smile that showcases his 2 dimples, how could you not want a hug from him? When asked about school, Danny said that his favorite teacher is his English teacher. He proudly recited the whole English alphabet.  He told us his favorite color is blue. He also enjoyed answering questions in English with either a yes or a no.

He was focused on all the tasks he needed to do yet very curious as to what was going on around him. He was very outgoing and excited to participate with the volunteers. When asked to write his name he grabbed the pen with his left hand.  Yes he’s a lefty. 

Danny is a 7 year old boy with minor needs. Danny asks his caregivers on a regular basis “When can I have a father and mother?” 

Declan is an adorable 6 year old boy! He lives in the same children’s home as his brother and they get to spend time together regularly. Declan is in kindergarten and is reported to get good grades. Declan is described as being active but gentle, and he will give a “puppy face” if he gets in trouble – oh, I can only imagine how hard it must be reprimand that cute face! He loves riding bikes outside and playing with his friends. Declan is developmental on target with his peers. He has G6PD deficiency.

Could Danny and Declan be your sons? Contact Mary Chapman at for more information.

Duke & Digby {Taiwan}

The littlest set of brothers the team saw was Duke and Digby. Duke is a 4 year old little boy and Digby is a 3 year old little boy.

Duke was the happiest little guy. He came full of smiles. When he was talking about something he really liked his face became very expressive. His voice was soft and sweet. He will be starting school in the fall. His likes dinosaurs, cars and bubbles. When he wants to relax he likes to watch cartoons with his foster dad.

Digby is shy and quiet. He is very nervous around new environments, but once he’s comfortable he becomes very talkative and active. He likes to observe what’s going on around him before trying new things. He likes to play with cars and bubbles.

Duke and Digby both have minor needs. Could these precious little bits be your sons? Contact Mary Chapman at for more information.

Gloria {Video}

Gloria is 3 years old and has ichthyosis. She needs a family! Could she be your daughter?


We met Jesse when we were in China in October. He is such a sweet little boy!

Jesse is 7 years old and has a cleft lip (repaired) and palate and some burn scars, he also appears to be somewhat developmentally delayed. He doesn't talk much yet, but seems to understand everything that is said to him.

He loves assisting with simple chores such as sweeping the floor and setting the table. He dresses and feeds himself and likes playing outside. This little boy is really sweet and will bless his family in so many wonderful ways!

When we met him, he had just been re-located to the orphanage from a different location. He was just starting the special education class at his new orphanage.

This sweet little guy came into care when he was approximately 5 years old. His inability to communicate means that there are a lot of questions regarding his past.

This little boys needs a family! Please contact us at for more information.

Andrew {Taiwan}

Never has there been a more happy go lucky little dude than Andrew.  There is not one picture of him where he is not full of life. He gladly participated in every task he was asked to do, turning the task into a fun game.

He thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the toys especially a scooter and a giant yellow ball that seemed to be as big as him.  Andrew gave everyone in the room a huge belly laugh with the surprised look on his face when he picked up the yellow ball to throw and it went a few feet in front of him. 

Andrew thought it was hilarious to imitate English, so every time an English word was said he repeated it back.  He liked to repeat back car, banana, and some colors. He also counted from 1 to 10 and said it perfectly in English. He even took it a step further and blew us away by counting from 1 to 100 in his native language. Ending with the biggest sigh, as if to tell us “I got this, next.”

Andrew is a 5 year old little boy with minor delays. Could this playful boy be your son? Contact Mary Chapman at for more information.

China Waiting Children May 2017

Here is an updated video for our waiting children from China. Enjoy!

For information please contact us

Meet Isaac

I was told about this cute little boy who needs a family. I agreed to write an advocacy post and get his information out there where parents could see it. So I opened up the Dropbox folder containing the information we have and this little face greeted me.

Oh my! Just look at him!

Isaac is 4 years old and has microtia. According to al of the information we have, his hearing is good and he is developmentally on target, though possibly a tad delayed with speech, he is speaking, but not yet in complete sentences.

This little guy sounds like such wonderful child! He dresses himself and likes to take baths. He enjoys playing in the water and having water fights is one of his favorite activities. He is described as active and imaginative. He likes to dance to music on the TV.

He sounds so perfect! And his only need is the way his ears are formed. Seriously, look at him!

Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information.

Mel & Milton Update! {Taiwan}

Meet brothers Mel and Milton. Mel is the older and Milton is the younger of the boys. These two boys are the sweetest, most tender hearted boys around.

Not only was Mel one of the gentlest, most well behaved boys but he was also smart. He could put together a package of Legos in record time. Once done he would gaze at his masterpiece and glow with pride at the work he had just completed. Without being prompted he said “Thank you,” when we told him that the Legos were for him to keep.

Milton was very shy and quiet at first and took a lot of cues from his brother Mel. To get Milton to warm up, we played an animal matching game with him.  It wasn’t until he matched two cards and said in clear English "frog", which caught us off guard, that we all burst into laughter and high fived him, that he came out of his shell. His competitive side started to come out after that and it was game on. When he got a match he would look up and give us a full face smile.

Mel and Milton played a game of “Spot it” and besides being quick learners of how to play, they both quickly became champions. Each one beaming from ear to ear when they won a round against the Superkids team volunteer. They clapped and smiled for each other when the other one won a round. You could see the brotherly love they had for each other.

 Mel and Milton have no known medical needs. Could these two boys be your sons? Contact Mary Chapman at for more information.


Hugh is such a handsome little guy! It looks like we have dimples there!

Hugh will 6 years old this week. He has a corrected, minor medical need which we will be glad to speak about with any family interested in seeing his file. He seems like a smart, amazing little boy!

You know those little boxes that the orphanage checks for developmental abilities? They are all checked on his form! He can go up and down steps, he runs and jumps. He counts to 50. He speaks clearly in long sentences. He really seems to be doing so, so well!

Please contact us at for more information! This sweet little boy needs a family!