Meet Lee

Lee is a quiet, observant little 6 year old boy. He loves drawing, singing, and dancing.

My favorite memory of Lee is from when we saw him in April of 2016. We asked him to draw a circle, which he did, but then he kept going and turned that circle into a flower. How sweet is that?

Lee is in kindergarten and is doing well. He can count to 50 with a little prompting from his teacher and can write the numbers 1-10 by himself. His speech is a little delayed, but he is speaking in simple sentences and understands what is said to him. He is independent in self care.

Lee is a little shy and is more comfortable speaking with other children rather than with adults. He likes to do exercises in the mornings.

Lee's diagnosis according to his file is "mental retardation". This sweet boy may be delayed, but like so many other kids we meet, this diagnosis would be so different in the US. He has so, so much potential!

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