Y'all ready for some crazy cute cuteness this morning?

Sure you are ready for this, because...


Because... Nyle!

Nyle is 2 years old. He is described as a smart, happy, active little boy. He holds out his arms to hug his friends when he sees them and likes to help clean up the toys at clean up time. He enjoys his little preschool classes and participates well.

Nyle has postoperative hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. He has been healthy and doing great since his surgery to correct it.

He appears to be on target developmentally. He walks, runs, and jumps. He communicates his needs well even putting words together into short sentences. He likes to play with blocks and can stack them to form a tower. And, as you can see, he strings beads.

We need a family for this little guy. His file is designated LID only meaning that we need a family who has a log in date or whose dossier is very close to being completed. Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information. Let's find this adorable little boy's family!