Just... Thank You

Last week on Friday we asked for your help with things we needed for our upcoming trip to Taiwan. By Sunday things started arriving. By Tuesday everything on the list was purchased. Today the last of the things arrived.

Everything from fruit snacks to Legos to an external hard drive to store the information, photos, and videos on.

Just... thank you for always supporting these trips we take. Thank you for caring about the children we meet. Thank you for everything you do to support us.

Just... thank you... from the bottom our hearts!

Rick & Ryder [TWINS!!!}

Rick and Ryder are 2 year old twin boys and, let me tell you, it is double the cuteness for sure! 

Both boys have CHD and HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Rick is the more outgoing of the two, but both like to smile. 

We got an update on the boys when they were almost 18 months. At that time Rick was crawling for short distances and sitting with assistance. He was also vocalizing, but not saying words. Ryder was rolling over but not yet crawling. When they give Ryder a bottle, he tastes it to see if it is milk formula and if it is not he will not drink it. 

These sweet little guys need a family who can meet them where they are and help them reach their fullest potentials! For more information please contact us at superkids@gladney.org.


Ray is not quite 2 years old and is a bright, charming baby boy. He started rolling over at 5 months, crawling at 9 months, and pulling to a stand at 9 months. At 11 months he was taking steps and walking in a baby walker. 

His file was prepared when he was 11 months old, so the information we have is from that time. He moves toys from hand to hand and bangs them together. He holds his own bottle and does fine motor things such as tearing paper into small pieces. He responds when his name is called and laughs when he is teased. He gets excited when he sees his favorite caregiver and cries when he is frightened. He smiles at himself in the mirror, and who can blame him? 

Ray has a "port wine” birthmark. The file indicates that he has one leg that is possibly slightly shorter than the other. It sure does not seem to be slowing him down in any way! 

Could this cute little guy be your son? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.

We Are Going To Taiwan!

We have our fall Taiwan trip dates! We are planning to leave on October 27 and return home on November 3. We will be spending 2 days at ChungYi and 2 at Cathwel with a day for sightseeing between.

We will be giving you details as far as who is going and how many children we plan to see and all the other fun details as we get closer to the time to leave.

For now we need your help to get the things we need for the trip. We put together an Amazon wish list which you can see here

Thank you in advance for helping us get ready!

Kassie {Taiwan}

Kassie is an adorable 5 year old little girl waiting for her forever family. She loves to play with dolls and be outside. Her favorites on the playground are the monkey bars and slide. She also enjoys playing in the sand box. 

Kassie is curious and enjoys learning new things. She gets along well with her peers, and also easily with familiar adults. She lives in a foster family and her foster mother states that she can handle all of her self care needs, but still sometimes needs help with a shower. She loves bamboo shoots and fruit, as well as chocolate.

Kassie does not have any medical needs and is reported to be on target developmentally. Her adoptive family must be open to knowing information about her birth family. We have Kassie’s full profile, including a cute video of her dancing! For more information on Kassie, please be in touch with Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.


My goodness! I opened up a file this morning to read through it and the cutest little pictures reached out and grabbed me. Then I watched his videos and I was done, smitten, totally smitten.

See what I mean!?

This is Roy. He is 4 years old and is doing everything you would expect a curious, active 4 year old boy to do. His file describes him as very smart and cute. He lives in a foster home and gets along well there. When he fights with other children he is able to easily express himself to tell his foster mom what the issue was and why he is upset.

He likes to go swimming and to pretend that he is Superman. He enjoys playing outside and can jump rope, kick balls, and climb in the toy castle on the playground.

This sweet little guy was taken in for treatment when a caregiver noticed his left eye had a white spot in it. He had a malignant tumor in his eye and his left eye had to be removed. The entire tumor was removed and test revealed no other cancer. He not has an ocular prosthesis. He does not have any on-going treatment for cancer.

Roy is waiting for his family! Could he be your son? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.

New York Office is Moving!

The New York Office address is changing!

We are all about our sweet children who have come home from China and Taiwan, so we had one of them design a card for the blog.

Design by Eliana Martin, home from China since 2012.


Are you ready to lose your heart to a 2 year old boy? Don't say I didn't warn you! 

Rueben is a darling baby boy whose development seems to be amazing. His file was prepared when he was 1, so the information we have is from that time. 

This cute little guy was crawling and walking at age 1. He could bang blocks together and stack up to 4 blocks. He was starting to say a few words such as mama and baba. He understands no and can follow simple instructions. 

He has a special need that we will be happy to discuss with interested families. His file also indicates that he has short lower limbs, but this is mentioned briefly and is not apparent in photos. 

Could Rueben be your son? Somebody go scoop this baby up! Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.

Kristof Update {Taiwan}

For the next few Taiwan blog posts we will be focusing on older boys who are available for adoption. There are so many great boys waiting for families. Each of them deserves the love and support that a family provides. Please read about them and ask yourself if you could be their family or play a part in finding their family. We can all do something. Let's do it!

We have posted about Kristoff before. You can see those posts here and here. When we saw him again in April he warmed up more quickly than he had before and seemed more relaxed. He is just the sweetest, funniest, most full of personality little guy!

You can read more details about him in the other posts. In this post I just want to tell you a few stories about him.

One of the things our physical therapist does is asks logic type of questions to older children. She asked him to tell her what a helmet was and what it was used for. He explained very well that you use it to protect your head while riding a scooter in case you have an accident and hit your head on the ground. It was detailed and precise. Not the answer you expect from an 8 year old boy!

He chose the English name Jackie for himself. Why? Because he likes Jackie Chan.

He enjoys puzzles and did them very carefully, as you can see in the video below. He obviously has a very logical mind.

Kristoff is a sweet, smart little boy who needs a family! Could he be your son? Contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.


Oakley sounds like a little ray of sunshine! When her foster dad arrives home she runs in circles around him because she is so excited. And sometimes she just jumps up and down when she is happy. 

She is 4 years old and has some hand and foot deformities and a possible genetic bone condition. She loves to have her photo taken and often makes everyone laugh as she poses for photos. 

This little sweetheart is well loved by everyone who knows her. Could she be the missing piece in your life?  Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information about sweet Oakley.

Moses {Taiwan}

For the next few Taiwan blog posts we will be focusing on older boys who are available for adoption. There are so many great boys waiting for families. Each of them deserves the love and support that a family provides. Please read about them and ask yourself if you could be their family or play a part in finding their family. We can all do something. Let's do it!

Moses had us all smiling as we interacted with him. He is cute and funny and likes to play Chinese chess. He was eager to please and very cooperative for us.

He is 12 years old and his file indicates that he has ADHD. His file also states that he may have mild Tourettes, but he is not on medication for it. He is somewhat delayed, but was able to do addition and subtraction problems as well as some multiplication. He speaks in complete sentences and is easy to understand.

His favorite subjects in school,are math, science, and social studies. He enjoys helping his teachers do chores.

Moses needs a family who will provide structure and stability for him to thrive. Could he be your son? Please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.

Don't forget to join our private Taiwan Facebook group where we share photos and videos of waiting children that cannot be shared publicly. 


Olive is 8 years old and likes to do crafts and play house. She has a long attention span and can focus on whatever she is doing for a long time.

She likes to play outside, climbing, running, and jumping are some of her favorite activities. She can jump rope and likes to play chasing games. She follows rules well and is generally liked by the other children.

Olive speaks clearly and appropriately for her age. She can count, recognizes shapes, and knows colors. She is learning to read and write Mandarin.

She has been treated for an arachnoid cyst. She received treatment in Beijing. She does now wear a brace on one foot, but there is not a lot of information about this in her file. It just says that the treatment is successful.

Could Olive be your daughter? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more details.


Sweet, sweet Oceana is a 4 year old little girl who loves to ride on a little wooden horse and also loves to eat!

She has CHD (Dextrocardia Congenital heart disease Single ventricle Common atrioventricular  valve, CDFI: little regurgitate on Atrial  septal  defect(osmium  premium defect and osmium se cundum  defect)  Trunks  arterioles  communis(I  mode) ) to be exact.

She likes to play on the toy piano and listen to music. She also likes to dance to the music! She sounds just darling! And she needs to get home so she can receive the medical care she needs.

Could Oceana be your daughter? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.


Edited to add that we were heartbroken when we recently found out that darling little Rhys passed away.

Rhys is a darling, chubby 22 month old baby boy. He was only 11 months old when his file was prepared, so the information we have is from that time. 

His file indicates that he is developmentally delayed, but that is difficult to determine in a child that is that young. At that time he loved taking a bath and would kick his legs in the water to splash his caregiver when he was in the tub. He was rolling and playing with toys. 

He laughs easily and sounds like a precious, darling baby who needs a family to help him flourish. Could he be your son? Contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information. 


Ralph is a precious 2 year old boy who has already overcome so many obstacles in his little life. He was born with CHD, anal atresia, and some other related needs. He has had surgery for both of these needs. 

His file was prepared when he was 18 months old. At that time he was crawling and gaining weight very well. He likes to be cuddled by the caregiver when he is drinking his bottle. He plays well with other children and is described as active and observant. 

This sweet little guy is waiting for a family. Could he be your son? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.

Kirk {Taiwan}

Kirk is a real cutie! He is 5 years old and we posted about his two older brothers, Kyle and Kristopher earlier. The boys can be placed in the same home or in separate families.

Kirk is described as mild natured and kind. He doesn't get upset easily even when his foster mom can't understand what he is saying and he needs to repeat himself he stays calm and repeats his words more carefully.

He has developmental delays but is receiving therapies which are helping him to make good progress.  He is in preschool where he is well-liked by his teachers and the other students. He can identify colors and count to 30.

This sweet little guy needs a family! If you think he could be your son please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Stuart {Update!!}

We got an update for Stuart and he is so cute and doing so well that I just had to share it in a new post! This little guy is just adorable! Look at him "talking on the phone"!

He is walking now and running. He follows simple instructions and can point to body parts when asked. He isn't speaking clearly yet, but he is only 20 months old, so that is to be expected. He feeds himself snacks and his update states that is development is similar to other children his age.

This sweet little guy has cerebral hypoplasia according to his file. He has had a CT scan and we have the report from that scan. His right hand is a little bit stiff and harder for him to use, but by all reports we have received that is the only obvious issue he has.

Could Stuart be your son? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.

Kristopher {Taiwan}

Kristopher will turn 9 soon and is a sensitive, observant child. He likes playing with Legos and balls. He can be quite active, but can also sit and concentrate on projects for a nice amount of time.

Kristopher had a heart murmur when he was younger, which seems to have self-corrected. He is a bright, healthy little guy! He is in 2nd grade and can already recite multiplication facts. He is at the top of his class in Mandarin and math.

He gets along well with other children and tries to help his siblings get along. He has an older brother (Kyle) and a younger brother who are also available for adoption. The boys can be adopted together or separately.

Kristopher sounds like such a sweet boy! Could he be your son? Please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.


Reed is only 2 years old and he is described as a lovely, smart little boy. 

He has limb differences that make certain things a little more difficult for him, but he can always figure out a way to do what he wants to do. He grabs balls and doesn’t want to let go. 

He is very sensitive to adult’s facial expressions and does not like it if his caregivers tease him and pretend to be upset at him. He looks at them as if to say, “Why are you getting angry, I have not done anything wrong?!” 

His file was prepared when he was around 18 months old and at that time he was crawling and could put blocks into a cup and take them out again. He could also scribble on a piece of paper with a crayon. 

Reed needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org or more information.

Kyle {Taiwan}

Kyle is a 10 year old boy who is described in his file as mild and kind in nature. He will sometimes hug his foster mother to thank her for her care. He helps sweep the floor and wants to know when his foster father will be home. When his foster father comes home he gets his  indoor slippers for him because he is so happy to see him.

He has mild delays, and is in 4th grade at school where he is a B student. He received speech therapy and his ability to express himself has improved with time. He also is diagnosed with G6PD deficiency.

Kyle thrives with a predictable schedule and sometimes struggles to understand schedule changes. He dresses himself and otherwise cares for himself.

Kyle has 2 brothers who are also available for adoption. The decision has been made that the boys can be placed together or separately. We will be post about the other 2 boys this and next week.

If you would like to learn more about Kyle please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.


Raina just turned 2 and she is is described as a quiet, gentle, happy baby girl who does not cry very often. It is easy to get a smile from this little sweetie. 

Her file was prepared when she was 11 months old. At that time she was sitting independent and recognized her name. She was also beginning to babble. She enjoys playing with toys that light up and make noises. She has postoperative meningocele and tethered cord. 

And her favorite things? If you have not already lost your heart to little little sweetheart you are about to! She loves to be cuddled! Wouldn’t it be a privilege to be the one to do all that cuddling? 

Raina needs a family who can provide the medical care she will need and who will help her reach her fullest potential. Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org if that could be you!

Antony {Taiwan}

Antony is a 7 year old boy whose caregivers describe as gentle and curious. He answered our questions and enjoyed talking with us when we met him in April. He was a little quiet, but did not seem shy.

Antony has DiGeorge syndrome and is a little delayed developmentally. He counts to 100 and says that math is his favorite subject. He is a talkative little guy, but sometimes his speech is a little hard to understand. When asked to do fine motor type of activities he often responds with, "I can't!" But with a little coaxing he often could do more than he thought.

He likes to play with dolls and, while he could not tell us his favorite color, he did name the colors of the crayons on the table.

Antony needs a family! Please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.

And, as always, be sure to join our private Taiwan Facebook group for photos and videos we cannot share publicly.