Meredith {Taiwan}

We have written about Meredith before. Yo can read that post here

She is special, this girl. She is quiet and sweet. She is creative and likes art class the best. When asked to create a pattern with blocks, she made it 3 dimensional. Her creativity comes out in small ways even in the short time we spent with her.

She is mature for her age of 10 years in some ways, but she has a darling little-girl giggle. She enjoys dressing up and making sure her clothes look nice and well-matched.

She enjoys reading, but made sure to specify that she likes story books - not textbooks! She also enjoys swimming and playing board games. She doesn't really like English class because there are so many things to memorize.

Meredith is a precious girl with obvious bonds with her foster mom. She is waiting for a family! Please contact Mary Chapman at for more information.