Amelia {Taiwan}

Amelia is one of the children we met for the first time when we were in Taiwan recently. And what a sweet girl! She is 9 years old and I had such a great time helping her make a headband and put on makeup! She was super sweet and excited about it then when she went into the other room and talked to Mary she said one of her favorite things is putting on makeup. How sweet is that?!

Looking at herself in the mirror after we put on makeup.

She was born prematurely and has a repaired cleft lip and palate. She does well in school and is in the 3rd grade. She sometimes gets frustrated because she tends to be a bit perfectionistic. Oh yeah, and she doesn't like to wash dishes. Nothing too unusual there!

She drew this beautiful girl for us and did it very carefully. We could easily see that she likes to do things right and doesn't want to make mistakes.

She has a sunny, happy personality and was a joy to spend time with. She was so happy to take some Legos with her and made sure to tell us die xie (thank you) before leaving.

This sweet little girl needs a family. Could she be your daughter? Please contact for more information. And don't forget to join our private Facebook group where we can show photos and videos that we can't share publicly.