Kristof Update {Taiwan}

For the next few Taiwan blog posts we will be focusing on older boys who are available for adoption. There are so many great boys waiting for families. Each of them deserves the love and support that a family provides. Please read about them and ask yourself if you could be their family or play a part in finding their family. We can all do something. Let's do it!

We have posted about Kristoff before. You can see those posts here and here. When we saw him again in April he warmed up more quickly than he had before and seemed more relaxed. He is just the sweetest, funniest, most full of personality little guy!

You can read more details about him in the other posts. In this post I just want to tell you a few stories about him.

One of the things our physical therapist does is asks logic type of questions to older children. She asked him to tell her what a helmet was and what it was used for. He explained very well that you use it to protect your head while riding a scooter in case you have an accident and hit your head on the ground. It was detailed and precise. Not the answer you expect from an 8 year old boy!

He chose the English name Jackie for himself. Why? Because he likes Jackie Chan.

He enjoys puzzles and did them very carefully, as you can see in the video below. He obviously has a very logical mind.

Kristoff is a sweet, smart little boy who needs a family! Could he be your son? Contact for more information.