Rick & Ryder [TWINS!!!}

Rick and Ryder are 2 year old twin boys and, let me tell you, it is double the cuteness for sure! 

Both boys have CHD and HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Rick is the more outgoing of the two, but both like to smile. 

We got an update on the boys when they were almost 18 months. At that time Rick was crawling for short distances and sitting with assistance. He was also vocalizing, but not saying words. Ryder was rolling over but not yet crawling. When they give Ryder a bottle, he tastes it to see if it is milk formula and if it is not he will not drink it. 

These sweet little guys need a family who can meet them where they are and help them reach their fullest potentials! For more information please contact us at superkids@gladney.org.