Taiwan Trip Details

I know, if you are as excited about this trip as we are, that you cannot wait to hear all of the details!

Gongzhan Wu, vice president & executive director of the Asia programs for Gladney is already in China. He will be joined there early next week by Monique Lee, who works in the post placement department at Gladney.

On October 27th the rest of the team:

Mary Chapman - Taiwan caseworker
Nancy Dobson - pediatric physical therapist
Michelle Snyder - Taiwan adoptive mom & waiting child advocate
Erin Martin - photographer & waiting child advocate

will fly to Taipei, Taiwan, where we will be joined by Gongzhan and Monique.

We plan to go to Cathwel on October 29th & 30th. The 31st will be a day of sightseeing and relaxation. Then we will go to ChungYi on November 1st & 2nd. November 3rd we plan to travel home.

Now on to how to follow the trip:

We will be posting here on the blog as often as we can, hopefully once a day. We will also post on our public Facebook page. We try to post there throughout the day, even from the orphanages if we can! Taiwan has strict laws on what can be posted publicly to protect the privacy of the children, but we also have a private Facebook group where we can post photos and videos that we can't post publicly.

Follow along! Share, comment on, and like our posts! Help us shine a light on the amazing children we meet and on the important work we do!