Who Are We? And What Do We Do?

As I am preparing for another trip to Taiwan; packing my suitcase full of lollipops, Legos, and fruit snacks, I started thinking about how these trips have become such a big part of what we do and that maybe some of you don't know exactly why we make this trek half way across the world twice a year.

As you can see, we don't exactly travel light!
I have been working with Superkids since 2013. In that time I have taken 11 trips to Asia and taken over 50,000 photos of children in orphanages. I have seen hundreds of children go from being part of a social system to treasured members of a family. I have been moved to tears by the hard things I have seen and by the precious, amazing things I have seen. I have endured the long, grueling flights and the re-entry into everyday life when it seems it cannot be real that the two worlds I have experienced are both continuing simultaneously on opposite sides of the world. Here is a post that I wrote after my first trip with Superkids to China.

Why do we do it? What is our goal? And are we achieving what we set out to do?

Why? That is always an important consideration. We do it for a few reasons. We go so that we can add to the files prepared for the child and help to bring the child to life. It is one thing to read a file, it is something else to speak with someone who met the child.  Seeing pictures and getting reports from professionals who have personally interacted with the child can give prospective adoptive parents a lot of reassurance as they make the decision of whether this child is a good fit for their family. 

We do it because we want children to be in families who are prepared to parent that child. This is a situation where knowledge is power. The more they know the more successful the family will be.

We also do it to shine a light on children that might otherwise be overlooked. Sometimes it is older children who do not need us to tell their story, but rather need us to provide a platform so that they can tell their own story to the world. I think of one young man we all loved. We met him several times and the last time we met him we were not going to interview him because we did not want to cause him pain that he was still waiting. But he came into the room and he insisted. He needed people to see him and hear his story. Guess what? By the next time we went he wasn't there anymore. He was at home with his family. 

Our goals not only include the things mentioned above, but also to provide caregiver training and professional advice to the people overseeing the care of the children so that the lives of the children we meet and all of the other children in the orphanages we go to can be a little better each time we go. 

And finally, are we achieving our goals? Yes and no. Like I said, we have seen so many amazing children come home and do well. That is the most beautiful thing to witness and to know that we had a part in making it happen. But, we want to do more. We are constantly needing to change as laws in the countries we work in change. And we are always looking for new opportunities and new ways to work to better the lives of children in these countries. 

The work we do is important. And you all have supported us so faithfully. Please help us by following our upcoming trip. Like our Facebook page, share our posts, join our private Facebook group. Every like, share, and comment can help us reach more people and help more children.

That is our biggest goal. And trust me, the children we see are worth every mile traveled and every minute of sleep lost.