Our First Day at ChungYi

Today was our first day at Chung Yi. It was a bit of a lighter day in regards to the number of children that we saw, but it wasn’t a shorter day! We met with a couple of matched children, as well as a few children with pending matches. We had a little more time than usual to spend with the children and their social workers, which was nice. The matched families are able to send specific questions, and we try to get as many detailed responses as possible in order to help the families prepare to bring their children home.

Little Dougie is matched!

We also spent time with a few children that we haven’t met before, including sweet Kassie whose profile we recently received. And of course it’s always fun to see the older children who recognize us from previous trips and are looking forward to their Lego sets. It’s nice to see the progress they have made in their development, or to hear about their new school year. It’s even better when we know there is a family waiting to bring them home.


We also spent time meeting with the Chung Yi social workers discussing our programs and the various processes from each of our sides. At the end of the day, we all sit down to review the children we visited with. It’s always a good discussion – what can the caregivers do to help with their development now? What should the social workers be asking about from the caregivers in order to make more complete update reports? What is the progress we’ve seen since our last visit? So, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post – even though we saw less children, it was still a long day! Our beef noodles were well deserved!