Amazing Mara! {Taiwan}

Mara is a happy, playful, and fun 10 year old little girl. She loves going to school and doesn’t like when she has a day off! Her favorite subject is Mandarin. She is very proud of her beautiful handwriting and even did a writing demonstration for the Superkids team. She also challenged Keely to some math problems. They would take turns writing a problem for the other to solve – Mara was getting tricky with some of the problems she came up with for Keely! She would crack up laughing if Keely pretended to be stumped.

Other than school, Mara likes to watch TV and is great at completing 100 piece jigsaw puzzles. She has a sweet and gentle nature, and is very nurturing to other children in school. She lives in a foster family and has two foster sisters that she gets along with well. Mara is very helpful and doesn’t mind assisting her foster mother with chores.

Mara has encephalomyelopathy and scoliosis, which affects her movement. She is able to walk unassisted and take care of her self-care needs. It is also noted that she has some global developmental delays and is therefore in special education classes at school.

Could Mara be your daughter? For more information on Mara, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at