Thankful Thursday {#gratefulfor}

Right up at the top of our list of things we are #gratefulfor is...



Each time we go to China and Taiwan we come to you asking for donations to take with us, each time our list is taken care of in short order. You bless us with financial donations, making our trips possible. You come up with fundraising ideas like being a charity organization in the NYC Marathon the other week. Some of you make sure that you bump our kids to the top of advocacy groups regularly. It all makes a difference and I'm proud to be a part of this community!

Playing with Legos, one of the many donations we took on our last trip.

You read, you share...

But more than all of that, you love our kids.

We meet these wonderful children and we fear just a bit that we will not be able to communicate their unique preciousness to you. We introduce them to you and time after time, you read, you share, and you fall in love. Child after child is seen for who they are. They are loved for who they are. Their family steps forward and they are brought home to flourish.

And for that, we are forever grateful!

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