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Just... Thank You

Last week on Friday we asked for your help with things we needed for our upcoming trip to Taiwan. By Sunday things started arriving. By Tuesday everything on the list was purchased. Today the last of the things arrived.

Everything from fruit snacks to Legos to an external hard drive to store the information, photos, and videos on.

Just... thank you for always supporting these trips we take. Thank you for caring about the children we meet. Thank you for everything you do to support us.

Just... thank you... from the bottom our hearts!

Rick & Ryder [TWINS!!!}

Rick and Ryder are 2 year old twin boys and, let me tell you, it is double the cuteness for sure! 

Both boys have CHD and HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Rick is the more outgoing of the two, but both like to smile. 

We got an update on the boys when they were almost 18 months. At that time Rick was crawling for short distances and sitting with assistance. He was also vocalizing, but not saying words. Ryder was rolling over but not yet crawling. When they give Ryder a bottle, he tastes it to see if it is milk formula and if it is not he will not drink it. 

These sweet little guys need a family who can meet them where they are and help them reach their fullest potentials! For more information please contact us at superkids@gladney.org.


Ray is not quite 2 years old and is a bright, charming baby boy. He started rolling over at 5 months, crawling at 9 months, and pulling to a stand at 9 months. At 11 months he was taking steps and walking in a baby walker. 

His file was prepared when he was 11 months old, so the information we have is from that time. He moves toys from hand to hand and bangs them together. He holds his own bottle and does fine motor things such as tearing paper into small pieces. He responds when his name is called and laughs when he is teased. He gets excited when he sees his favorite caregiver and cries when he is frightened. He smiles at himself in the mirror, and who can blame him? 

Ray has a "port wine” birthmark. The file indicates that he has one leg that is possibly slightly shorter than the other. It sure does not seem to be slowing him down in any way! 

Could this cute little guy be your son? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.

We Are Going To Taiwan!

We have our fall Taiwan trip dates! We are planning to leave on October 27 and return home on November 3. We will be spending 2 days at ChungYi and 2 at Cathwel with a day for sightseeing between.

We will be giving you details as far as who is going and how many children we plan to see and all the other fun details as we get closer to the time to leave.

For now we need your help to get the things we need for the trip. We put together an Amazon wish list which you can see here

Thank you in advance for helping us get ready!

Kassie {Taiwan}

Kassie is an adorable 5 year old little girl waiting for her forever family. She loves to play with dolls and be outside. Her favorites on the playground are the monkey bars and slide. She also enjoys playing in the sand box. 

Kassie is curious and enjoys learning new things. She gets along well with her peers, and also easily with familiar adults. She lives in a foster family and her foster mother states that she can handle all of her self care needs, but still sometimes needs help with a shower. She loves bamboo shoots and fruit, as well as chocolate.

Kassie does not have any medical needs and is reported to be on target developmentally. Her adoptive family must be open to knowing information about her birth family. We have Kassie’s full profile, including a cute video of her dancing! For more information on Kassie, please be in touch with Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.


My goodness! I opened up a file this morning to read through it and the cutest little pictures reached out and grabbed me. Then I watched his videos and I was done, smitten, totally smitten.

See what I mean!?

This is Roy. He is 4 years old and is doing everything you would expect a curious, active 4 year old boy to do. His file describes him as very smart and cute. He lives in a foster home and gets along well there. When he fights with other children he is able to easily express himself to tell his foster mom what the issue was and why he is upset.

He likes to go swimming and to pretend that he is Superman. He enjoys playing outside and can jump rope, kick balls, and climb in the toy castle on the playground.

This sweet little guy was taken in for treatment when a caregiver noticed his left eye had a white spot in it. He had a malignant tumor in his eye and his left eye had to be removed. The entire tumor was removed and test revealed no other cancer. He not has an ocular prosthesis. He does not have any on-going treatment for cancer.

Roy is waiting for his family! Could he be your son? Please contact us at superkids@gladney.org for more information.

New York Office is Moving!

The New York Office address is changing!

We are all about our sweet children who have come home from China and Taiwan, so we had one of them design a card for the blog.

Design by Eliana Martin, home from China since 2012.