About Superkids

Who We Are
Superkids is a humanitarian aid initiative within the Asia Waiting Child Program of the Gladney Center for Adoption. Our goal: to improve the lives of children in Chinese orphanages via adoption advocacy, medical and rehabilitation services. Starting as a tiny team providing services to special needs children in a single facility in Shanghai in 2007, we've grown to a broad coalition of physicians, early childhood development specialists, teachers and volunteers who've aided 500 children in orphanages across China.

What We Do and Why We are Different
In bringing teams into orphanages, we provide direct, child centered advocacy aimed at both improving children's lives and helping to match them with adoptive families. Activities include:

  • Advocacy to the adoption community on behalf of waiting children
  • Developmental screenings to provide real time information about waiting children to prospective parents
  • Training orphanage staff in rehabilitation techniques to maximize development of special needs children.
  • Providing equipment and supplies to enable therapeutic play and aid in motor skill and overall development
Selected Achievements Include

  • Matching children with adoptive families.
  • Services to over 500 institutionalized children through hands-on physical/ speech and play therapy delivered by pediatric rehabilitation and medical professionals.
  • Caregiver training to advance attitudes toward disabled children so that they develop beyond previous expectations/ reaching mobility milestones; learning to use partial limbs rather than cover and hide them and make use of their abilities.
  • Direct support/ including specialized bottle delivery for children with cleft issues and training caregivers in their use; arranging transport of three children in Changsha for heart surgeries and follow-up care in 2013.

With your help, we could

  • Reach greater numbers of children! If we could visit more children- we could meet the needs of more children. Be it developmental rehabilitation services or adoption advocacy/ it all starts with that first meeting!
  • Send volunteer teams more frequently with more professionals In addition to experienced medical professionals and clinical social workers/ volunteers with expertise in photo and video documentary are also greatly needed!
  • Expand our reach to every province in China!

Donation opportunities include

The cost of a Superkids trip is $30,000. This includes/ travel/ supplies and therapy equipment for a six person team. We currently make a maximum of two trips per year and are active in seven orphanages. Monetary donations of any amount are accepted. Donations of specific therapeutic and video equipment are also welcome. Contributions are tax deductible.