David and Daniel- Matched!! {Taiwan}

David and Daniel are two very special brothers who have held a place in our hearts for a couple of years now. These sweet brothers were waiting in Taiwan for a forever family, and we’ve been advocating for them over the last year and a half. This past week we have learned that these sweet brothers are waiting no longer – they have a family! We are overcome with joy for them!

When reading the information about these two cuties (and we get a lot of information about the waiting children in Taiwan!), the thing that comes to mind is “Why don’t these amazing, smart, curious, funny, adventurous boys have a family yet?!” Then reality sets in – they are boys, and they are older, and there are two of them. Unfortunately, these are the children it’s hardest to find a family for. But when they do find a family – it’s time to celebrate big! And we are celebrating for them!!

There are a lot of waiting children like David and Daniel in Taiwan – smart, creative, fun, amazing kids who are waiting for forever families. Some are boys, some are school-aged, some are groups of siblings – but they all need families. If you’d like to learn more about waiting children in Taiwan, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at mary.chapman@gladney.org