Our Precious Katelyn

Remember our darling little Katelyn whom we have written about before? We got some updated information about her and decided it was time for a new post.

One of the things we try really hard to do is get good, accurate information about our little Superkids so that we can not only find families for them but find the right family for them and so that families welcome their child in the most  prepared and best educated way possible.

Thankfully for us, Katelyn is not only a Superkid but also a Butterfly baby. So when we needed tests  the Butterfly Home was able to arrange to have the appropriate testing done.

We got results back recently and they weren't what we were hoping for. Katelyn has a syndrome called Mucopolysaccharides VII. She has CHD and orthopedic issues which are all part of this syndrome. Keely, who has met Katelyn, will be glad to speak with interested families about what this diagnosis means.

You know what this diagnosis doesn't change? It doesn't change the fact that Katelyn is an adorable little girl 2 year old who is cute, and sweet, and cuddly. It doesn't change that she is doing well developmentally. She walks independently. She is very inquisitive about what is going on around her. It doesn't change that she likes to dress up in adult's shoes. And all of the other charming things about her.

It doesn't change the fact that she needs a family who will love her and support her. It only changes who that family may be. Is Katelyn your daughter?

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.