FSL Project & Meet George

Wendy Stanley wrote an update on the Former Shared List Project that we are involved in. It has required much time and effort on the part of many staff members and volunteers.  We are getting the updates on RainbowKids and have already gotten inquires on some of these children!

We sent four volunteer groups to China and saw over 170 children!!  We came back with hundreds of photos, videos, and helpful information.  We hope this project changes the lives for many of China’s children who have not yet been able to be truly seen by prospective adoptive families. This little boy featured below, George, is one such child.

And so – as we reach out to you all at this time, to let you know that the FSL children seen in China by Gladney Center and Superkids volunteers in the Fall of 2016 are being updated on rainbowkids.com, please spread the word and proudly share about George today!

NOW is George’s chance for a family  - for his lifetime.  And we all can do something to help him.  He is 13 and will age out, meaning he will no longer be eligible for adoption, after this year.  See his updated profile:http://www.rainbowkids.com/waitingchildphotolisting/child/33186  

Meet George

This is 13 year old George. His special need is blindness. His gifts are music, kindness, wit and humor. George goes to school and is learning to read with Braille. His great love is music. He let us know that he can play many instruments including piano, trumpet, tuba, harmonica, and Traditional Chinese Cucurbit flute. When he grows up, he wants to teach music and thought a good job might be musical performance!  

George shared many ideas and questions with us. He is not shy! He is imagining what he might talk about on the long flight to his new home. George is a smart and delightful young man. Could George be your son?

For more information on George please contact superkids@gladney.org.