Mel & Milton Update! {Taiwan}

Meet brothers Mel and Milton. Mel is the older and Milton is the younger of the boys. These two boys are the sweetest, most tender hearted boys around.

Not only was Mel one of the gentlest, most well behaved boys but he was also smart. He could put together a package of Legos in record time. Once done he would gaze at his masterpiece and glow with pride at the work he had just completed. Without being prompted he said “Thank you,” when we told him that the Legos were for him to keep.

Milton was very shy and quiet at first and took a lot of cues from his brother Mel. To get Milton to warm up, we played an animal matching game with him.  It wasn’t until he matched two cards and said in clear English "frog", which caught us off guard, that we all burst into laughter and high fived him, that he came out of his shell. His competitive side started to come out after that and it was game on. When he got a match he would look up and give us a full face smile.

Mel and Milton played a game of “Spot it” and besides being quick learners of how to play, they both quickly became champions. Each one beaming from ear to ear when they won a round against the Superkids team volunteer. They clapped and smiled for each other when the other one won a round. You could see the brotherly love they had for each other.

 Mel and Milton have no known medical needs. Could these two boys be your sons? Contact Mary Chapman at for more information.