Four Amazing Siblings! {Taiwan}

We have a super awesome set of four siblings to share about today! May, age 9, Mabel, age 8, Malcolm, age 7, and Macon, age 5 are looking for their forever family. These siblings are all so adorable, I wish we could share their photos - and we have a lot of photos!

May is cheerful, considerate, and self-motivated. She loves to lend a helping hand, reading and riding a bike. Mabel is shy and sweet. She likes to laugh and be cute. She loves playing with May and riding a bike. Malcolm is kindhearted, cheerful, and energetic. He likes to play with cars, puzzles and building blocks. Macon is shy and caring. He loves playing with toy cars, building blocks and his Tae Kwon Do class that he takes with his brother.

These amazing siblings are looking for a forever family so that they can stay together. We have a ton of information on these four cuties, including photos and videos. For more information, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at