Look At Baby Heath!

Oh my goodness! Just look at this sweet baby yumminess! Those sqishable, kissable little cheeks! {And all the ladies swoon!!}

Heath is just less than 9 months old! His only special need is that he is a Hepatitis B carrier. We will be seeing Heath in about 2 weeks so should be able to get updates for his lucky family at that time!

He is doing developmentally appropriate things such as recognizing his name, laughing, Lifting his head when on his tummy, following toys visually, and distinguishing between people he knows and strangers. This report was prepared in January, So he was only 6 months old at the time.

Are you my Mommy?

We need a family who has a log in date or whose dossier is almost complete for darling little Heath! Could you be his Mommy and Daddy?

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.