Thankful Thursday {#gratefulfor}

This week we are thankful for...


We are so blessed with opportunities! We are given the opportunity to travel to Asia and are welcomed into orphanages in both China and Taiwan. They welcome us in with our cameras and donations and they set up scales and answer our questions and give us access to so much information. They trust us to use this information and the photos and videos responsibly and we appreciate their trust.

We have the opportunity to meet children. We meet hundreds of children in a year's time! We treasure each moment with each child. We cradle babies, we play with toddlers, we put Legos together with older children.

We have the opportunity to meet so many awesome families! (See last week's post)

We have the opportunity to advocate and educate! Tomorrow afternoon Keely will be holding a webinar to help people understand neurological issues better in order to prepare them to parent children with these needs.

We are so thankful for the many unique opportunities we have!