Welcome to our new blog! We are looking forward to updating everyone about Superkids and the orphans we help. Below are highlight from 2008!

Superkids Highlights - 2008

We cannot believe another year has passed. We are so proud of our accomplishments, yet so eager to do more in 2009! We hope our highlights from 2008 will leave you touched and inspired to continue your support for Superkids and our work to improve the quality of life for the orphans left behind!


Snow and power outages hit many parts of China. The snow quickly downed power lines and left many rural parts of soutnern China without electricity for weeks. Thanks to generous donations and teh invaluable help of Gongzhan Wu (Gladney's Asia Program Manager), Superkids was able to provide over $15,000 of emergency aid. Specifically, Superkids provided the following aid to the Yueyang, Xiangyin, Lingxian, and Xiangyin Welfare institutes: heaters, soft mats, baby formula, clothes, diapers, a power converter, and financial supplement for the expenses of repairing damage.

Superkids Partners with Hunan Orphanages

Superkids made 2 trips to Hunan, China in 2008. We had the privilege of visiting the Yueyang and ZhuZhou Social Welfare Institutes. Traveling were Superkids founder and Gladney mom, Janet Fink, Cardiologist and Gladney mom Dr. Eileen McAleer, speech pathologist Kathy deMaCarty, and physical therapists Karen Teters and Patricia Marcus. Superkids started early intervention programs and provided caregiver training for orphans ranging in age from infant to teen.

Superkids Speech therapist Kathy DeMaCarty, Hunan, China

Superkids founder, Janet Fink, Hunan, China

Superkids in Ethiopia

Superkids sent Duke University student, Samir Derisavifard, to Ethiopia for 2 months in summer 2008. Samir interned for Superkids through Duke University's Duke Engage program which funds undergraduate internships abroad. During his internship, Samir worked with healthy and disabled school-aged orphaned boys.

Samir (far left) and Ethiopian volunteer, Alex (far right) provided intensive therapeutic exercise for Jordi (middle). Now Jordi can sit up, feed himself, and can stand with assistance. Superkids therapists will be sending 2 physical therpapists to Ethiopia for 2 months this summer to begin intensive therapeutic programs in orphanages in Addia Ababa.

Superkids in Shanghai

Superkids made 4 trips to the Shangahi Children's Home in 2007 and 2008. Superkids provided caregiver training and medical evaluations for healthy and special needs orphans. Superkids therapists taught classes and conducted workshops in oral motor therapy, feeding problems, and physical therapy. Dr. Eileen McAleer examined children with heart problems.

Superkids cardiologist, Dr. Eileen McAleer

Superkids Delivers Wheelchairs to Teen Orphans in Shanghai

Both Ying Ying and Feng Feng were injured when they were approximately 7 years old. Feng Feng collapsed at a mall and Ying Ying fell down some stairs. Both were taken to the local orphanage after their injury.

They each suffer from depression due to their injury, abandonment, and knowledge they are too old to be adopted. They also experience physical pain, sores, and poor breathing from sitting in bad chairs.

Feng Feng

Ying Ying

Both girls glowed when they finally sat in their new chairs, which will improve their breathing, help prevent sores, and reduce upper body pain.

Gladney Brighter Futures Camp

In October, 2008, Superkids therapists and founder, Janet Fink, traveled to Beijing to participate in a very special program, Gladney's Brighter Futures Camp. This camp was designed to improve the chances of finding homes for older orphans (age 8-13). Several of these orphans had mild-moderate disabilities. Superkids therapists evaluated the disabled children in order to provide accurate updates to prospective adoptive families. Superkids was extremely impressed with the camp children - they were cream of the crop! We keep them in our prayers and are doing everything we can to find homes for them.

To learn more about these amazing children please visit Gladney's Brighter Futures Camp Blog