Look At Baby Heath!

Oh my goodness! Just look at this sweet baby yumminess! Those sqishable, kissable little cheeks! {And all the ladies swoon!!}

Heath is just less than 9 months old! His only special need is that he is a Hepatitis B carrier. We will be seeing Heath in about 2 weeks so should be able to get updates for his lucky family at that time!

He is doing developmentally appropriate things such as recognizing his name, laughing, Lifting his head when on his tummy, following toys visually, and distinguishing between people he knows and strangers. This report was prepared in January, So he was only 6 months old at the time.

Are you my Mommy?

We need a family who has a log in date or whose dossier is almost complete for darling little Heath! Could you be his Mommy and Daddy?

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.

Meet Minnie! {Taiwan}

Minnie is an adorable 2 year old girl who is waiting for a forever family. Minnie’s caregivers state that she has a gentle personality. Minnie enjoys listening to music and will rock back and forth to the music. 
Beautiful garden in Taipei.
Minnie has been living in an assisted living facility since the age of 3 months. She has global developmental delays and epilepsy. It is also suspected that she may have some vision impairments. Minnie has very low muscle tone and cannot support herself yet. She is receiving therapies on a regular basis and her caregivers have noted some improvements. At this time, she does not speak but will communicate with monosyllables or by crying when she needs something.
To review Minnie’s full profile, including medical information, birth family history and photos, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Advocacy Camp Kids!

Meet some of our Advocacy Camp Kids!!

Give Them Music!

We have been talking about something for a while now and we have decided to act on it! We have noticed as we visit orphanages that quite a few of the children we see love music and seem to find it very calming. Well, some find it calming, and some can't stop dancing! Either way, it is loved by many of the children we see.

Music is good for children on so many levels! It provides multi-sensory stimulation and encourages movement and rhythm. It is something that even children who don't speak can enjoy and receive sensory input from. Music is such a fun way to connect with kids, cross language barriers, and help kids develop new skills!

So we would like to take them music that we can leave there for them. We weren't sure exactly how to implement this plan but then one of the people going on our advocacy camp mentioned that her daughter has a little music player that you can load MP3 files onto and it sounded perfect! Easy to take, easy to leave, easy to use!

If you would like to partner with us to take music to the orphanages we will be visiting, we have added several of these music players to our Amazon wish list. You can find it HERE.

Thank you so much for your support!

Wordless Wednesday {Donations!}

Four Amazing Siblings! {Taiwan}

We have a super awesome set of four siblings to share about today! May, age 9, Mabel, age 8, Malcolm, age 7, and Macon, age 5 are looking for their forever family. These siblings are all so adorable, I wish we could share their photos - and we have a lot of photos!

May is cheerful, considerate, and self-motivated. She loves to lend a helping hand, reading and riding a bike. Mabel is shy and sweet. She likes to laugh and be cute. She loves playing with May and riding a bike. Malcolm is kindhearted, cheerful, and energetic. He likes to play with cars, puzzles and building blocks. Macon is shy and caring. He loves playing with toy cars, building blocks and his Tae Kwon Do class that he takes with his brother.

These amazing siblings are looking for a forever family so that they can stay together. We have a ton of information on these four cuties, including photos and videos. For more information, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.


Look at this sweet little one! 

Cam is 19 months old and has Down Syndrome. When the Superkids team visited in September of last year, he was responsive to the sound of his caretaker's voice and made cooing and other baby sounds. 

Just think of what he could accomplish in a loving family of his own - and if he could meet his forever family so early in life! Could you be Cam's mommy or daddy? 

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information!

Donation List!

Do you want to come along side us and help provide items for our upcoming trip to China? People have been asking and we have created an Amazon wish list for most of the items that we need. Please take a look at it here!

We also need headbands, hair bows, and a few small mirrors to take with us. If you can help with any of these items please contact Erin Martin at erinmrtn@yahoo.com.

Thank you so much!

Mikey {Taiwan}

Mikey is an active and outgoing 4 year old! He often greets people he knows with a big smile and a warm hug. Mikey lives with a foster family and he has a great attachment to his foster mother. 

Mikey enjoys building with blocks and Legos. He attends pre-school and his teacher stated that he likes arts and crafts activities and playing on the playground. He likes to join his classmates in playing games.
Mikey has some developmental delays in mixed receptive-expressive language, and fine and gross motor skills. He is attending therapies to help get caught up with his peers.
To review Mikey's full profile, including photos and medical evaluations, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Monday Morning Matches

We have a very sweet match to announce this morning! I first met Chrystal when she was only a few weeks old. I've seen her twice since then and I'm so thrilled to announce that she has a family!!

Congratulations to Chrystal and to her sweet family! 


Reid is a 10 year old boy who loves to draw! When we met him in September he looked at himself in the mirror and drew a self portrait. He even included the wording on his shirt! It was so fun watching him study himself then draw what he was seeing!

Reid has treated hydrocephalus. He is doing well in school and his coordination is on target. He speaks clearly and carries on reciprocal conversations.

He is an active boy who loves playing volley ball. His teachers love him because he "speaks sweet words to them." He gets along well with his peers and is good with younger children.

Reid needs a family! Could he be your son? Places contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.

Wordless Wednesday {Superkids Gala}

Meet Max {Taiwan}

Max is a sweet and gentle boy who lives in foster care. He is often quiet, but isn't afraid to speak up when he wants or needs something. Max lives with a foster family and three other foster sons. He is closest to the foster son who is a year older than him. He attends preschool and has shown great improvement in his learning ability. He gets along well with his peers and enjoys going to school. 

Max is diagnosed as having epilepsy and currently takes medication. He is also suspected to have mild cerebral palsy, as he walks with a slight gait to his step. He is noted to have cognitive, speech and language delays and is attending physical, occupational, and language therapies. He is also noted as having renal and ureter dysplasia. We have full medical evaluations available for review, along with videos.
To review Max's full profile, including photos and videos, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Monday Morning Matches

 We are so excited to announce that...



Have families working to bring them home as quickly as possible!

Congratulations to all! We cannot wait to see these precious boys in the parent's arms!

Star Of The Day {Leo}

Age 9

Leo is fun, engaging, and loves connecting with people who will play with him.  He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He walks with the assistance of a walker and can walk a few steps by himself. He speaks in complete sentences and communicates his thoughts well.  In addition to giving hugs, Leo enjoys playing with puzzles and Legos. 

Leo is one of many great Superkids waiting for a family.  For more information, please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org

Star Of The Day {Mara}

Age 10

Mara is bright and fun loving.  Although Mara’s encephalomyelopathy and scoliosis affects her movement, she doesn’t allow her diagnosis limit her.  She enjoys school, and her favorite subject is Mandarin. She is quite proud of her beautiful handwriting. 

Mara is one of many great Superkids waiting for a family.  For more information, please contact Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Star Of The Day {Lawrence}

Age 6

Lawrence is an active little boy who loves playing with matchbox cars.  He has some developmental delays, but has been making good progress in the last few months. He tries to imitate writing and pretends to write Chinese characters.  He loves outdoor activities especially playing ball. 

Lawrence is one of many great Superkids waiting for a family.  For more information, please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org.

Star Of The Day {Reagan}

Age 12 

Reagan is a ray of sunshine, always happy and upbeat. She is very outgoing and interactive.  She loves music and dance but, like most pre-teens, is not a fan of homework.  Reagan has no known health issues and is like an older sister to the younger children in the orphanage.

Reagan is one of many great Superkids waiting for a family.  For more information, please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org.