Oh sweet little Nikki! She is 10 years old and has cerebral palsy. She is so sweet and beautiful and smart.

Nikki attends school at the orphanage. She receives daily therapy. She likes school and has a lot of friends. She is outgoing and friendly. When we met her in April she answered many of our questions herself rather than letting her caregiver answer. She said she likes to draw and her favorite game is "dropping handkerchief", she also informed us that she doesn't like meat.

She is independent in her self-care and can walk without assistance. She follows two step commands, counts, and can read simple Mandarin characters. She speaks appropriately for her age, though she is a little hard to understand. She was eager to do any activities we gave her to do when we met her. She also was really good at imitating English words!

This little girl has a special light, if you would see her smile you would understand what I mean! Could little Nikki be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Davis {Taiwan}

Amazing Davis is one of the older boys we met while on the latest Superkids trip to Taiwan. What a precious young one he is! He is 9 years old and sweet, so smart and has no medical concerns.

With only a short time to capture who Davis is we saw his sweet spirit. He has a close friendship with one of his fellow housemates. This connection showed as they talked about the Legos and meeting the Superkid team. So polite and grateful for the Lego kit and snacks. All while showing off how smart he was as Keely tested him with her flip chart test.

Davis has a great pearly smile with the straightest teeth, the most adorable wire framed blue glasses that still let his warm brown eyes shine through, and the dearest fluff dark head of hair. This precious boy is the so sweet!

Davis is in search of his forever family. He is looking for a family to call his own, a place to call home and maybe even a sibling. Could amazing Davis be your son? Could you be his forever family? For more information on Davis, please contact Mary Chapman at

Living With Hepatitis B

The following was written by a Gladney adoptive mom. Her insight is so valuable! Many kids with hepatitis B, including Dexter, are waiting for families! Would you be open to this special need?

I recently found out from Gladney that some potential adoptive parents are hesitant to pursue adopting children who have hepatitis B.  As someone who has chronic hepatitis B (HBV), I wanted to send a clear message to those parents: do not let the presence of hepatitis B, even chronic hepatitis B, prevent you from adopting an otherwise healthy, loving, and ready child.

Here’s my story.  For over 20 years, I never knew I carried the surface antigen for hepatitis B (HBsAg), nor that I had, and still have, chronic hepatitis B (HBV).  But to be honest, once I found out, not much changed in my life.  I continued to eat, sleep, drink, and exercise as I always did. Since I discovered my condition, I have rarely thought about it, and it has never affected my overall health. 

In my research on hepatitis B, I found that 1 in 12 Asian Americans is affected by hepatitis B. In China and Taiwan, it is an endemic problem with over one-third of the world's 240 million infected living in that region. And many that have it have no idea that they're infected, leading to the high mortality rates of those with hepatitis B.

But for those of us who are aware of our situation, and who get regular medical care, hepatitis B is a very manageable condition. I do, of course, monitor my health.  I have a hepatologist, whom I visit annually for an exam, ultrasound, and bloodwork. (When I reach 50 years old, I will have an ultrasound every 6 months.) So far, my virus load has been so low that there has been no impact to my liver. With consistent continuous monitoring, I will be able to detect any liver damage or disease early enough to successfully treat it.

And I'm careful about transmission to others. I cannot donate blood. I always practice safe sex. And my husband was vaccinated. When I had my daughter a few years ago, we made sure she was vaccinated shortly after birth so she wouldn't even have these concerns.

So I know that hepatitis B is very manageable.  Indeed, I’m not the only one in my family managing the condition. My sister is similarly affected. We believe the antigen was passed from our mother at birth.  She has had the same experience I have had.  

When I spoke with Gladney about a potential adoption and realized that hepatitis B was preventing some children from being adopted, I was truly shocked. Yes, there is a potential impact to the liver. However, with regular screening, that impact to the liver can be minimal and managed. In fact, the management of hepatitis B is probably less cumbersome than high blood pressure or diabetes, since there are no dietary concerns and daily monitoring is not necessary. 

So please, do not let the presence of hepatitis B, even chronic hepatitis B, prevent you from adopting an otherwise healthy, loving, and ready child.

Rylan Has A Grant!

We are so pleased to announce that Rylan now has a $4,500 grant through Gladney! 

Rylan is an 11 year old boy who is deaf. He is very intelligent and communicates well through writing. He has a cochlear implant and is receiving therapy for speech.

You can read more about Rylan here! Please share his post to find his family! Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.


Lorelei is so beautiful! She is one of those children that make you stop and look again when she enters the room, she is that exceptional!

She is 5 years old and has cerebral palsy. She follows directions, counts to ten, answers questions, and it is noted that her speech is clear and easy to understand. She creeps on her belly by herself but is mostly dependent on a stroller to get around. She is able to string beads and hold a crayon to scribble on paper.

Lorelei can sing a whole song by herself in Mandarin. She attends the orphanage school which she really enjoys! She feeds herself, but needs some help with dressing.

Some of Lorelei's favorite things to do are playing with the other kids, singing songs with hand motions, and going outside.

This lovely little one needs a family of her own. Could she be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiriat for more information.

Dexter! {Taiwan}

Introducing the one and only… Dexter. This 10 year old had our hearts the moment he walked in the room. Sporting his khaki shorts and bright orange shirt, the sweetest blue glasses with the warmest brown eyes behind them, and that smile how could we not melt?

Dexter is the sweetest, most gentle spirited, fun loving Lego pro I’ve ever laid eyes on. He is so well mannered and polite. He was quick to put together a car Lego kit. He even drew us a picture of the Lego car he put together in great detail. What an artist he is!

Dexter is so personable and eager to share his knowledge. During the intake question session he took the time to teach his foster mom how to speak some English. What a sweetheart!

Dexter is searching for his forever family. He is looking for a mom and dad to share his knowledge, build lots of Lego treasures and to draw his forever home. Dexter is precious! To the lucky family that becomes his forever family be prepared to have your heart melt as this young man changes your life forever. Could Dexter be your son? For Dexter’s full profile, please be in touch with Mary Chapman at

Meet Lonnie!

Lonnie is a darling little 20 month old baby boy who loves to cuddle. Just look at those kissable little cheeks!

Lonnie has Down Syndrome and an extra digit on his left hand.

He rolls over, sits without support, and babbles. He likes to listen to music and watch TV. Which makes me laugh just a little. Can you imagine how this little one would thrive in a family!?

Our Advocacy Camp team spent time with him and all said he was such a cuddle bug! This sweet little one needs a family to call his own! Could Lonnie be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at  for more information about bringing him home!

New Files From Taiwan

We now have these three sweet little boys files! Please contact Mary Chapman at  for more information!

Mel & Milton {Taiwan}

Prepare to have your heart melted… brothers Mel and Milton are such sweet peas! Their dark eyes and warm smiles could melt anyone’s heart in less than 60 seconds!

At first, 7 year old Milton came across as shy, but he slowly warmed up. Eager to be a big boy like his brother, Mel, he worked on a Lego set. With little guidance he was quick to catch on and get his set together. Of course this was all while keeping an eye on his Lego genius brother. At each successful connection Milton would look up and give me that full face smile. After the Legos were completed, within moments he was climbing up the fire pole and touching the ceiling.

11 year old Mel is one of the sweetest, most polite young boys I’ve ever met. Mel was quick to show how well he knew his way around Legos. Hands down he was the Lego genius of our trip - within just minutes he had the first of three kits together! The most memorable part was the smile that he got when he completed each set. When it was time to move on to the next station and I had the privilege of letting him know the Legos were his to keep… oh the excitement. His face lit up like a Christmas tree and in the most polite, happy voice he said in English, “Thank you!”

Mel and Milton are both healthy, with no special needs, and are doing very well in school. Mel told us he loves to cook and wants to be a chef when he grows up. Milton told us he has a best friend in his class that he likes to play with each day. 

These brothers are searching for a place to call home. Be prepared to have your heart melted for the rest of your life…Could these boys be your sons? Could you be their forever family? For more information on Mel and Milton, please contact Mary Chapman at


Sam is a 9 year old boy who likes to play outside. He and 5 other children live in a foster home that is on the orphanage campus. He attends school on the campus as well.

Sam has epilepsy and developmental delays. He attends a special education school. He can walk from his home to the school and back again by himself. He is totally independent in his self care. He speaks in both Mandarin and the local dialect.

Sam's favorite toys are cars and blocks and his favorite color is yellow. He is described as introverted but his foster mom also notes that he likes to share with other children.

This sweet boy needs a family to help him reach his full potential. Could he be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.


Simon is a happy little 2 year old boy who loves to be outside. His foster mom says he likes to be with other children and laughs very easily.

Simon has Down syndrome. He isn't quite walking yet, or at least he wasn't walking when we met him in September, but he crawls and sits on his own and pulls to a stand. He says several words and had a wonderful time ripping up paper and flinging it around!

Simon is in foster care and appears to have a close connection with his foster mother. He likes when she hugs him but is more reserved with people he doesn't know.

Little Simon needs a family. Could be your son? Please contact us at for more information.


Oh sweet Sierra! She loves being held and responds so sweetly to any kind of affection such as rubbing her arm or rocking her.

Sierra is 3 years old is blind. She walks with assistance and is beginning to say some simple words. She is in foster care and appears to be very close to her foster mother.

Sierra like to sing and dance to music. She can sing Happy Birthday by herself. How sweet is that? She has such a quiet, timid little voice. I would love to hear her singing!

Little Sierra has so much potential to live a full life! She needs a family who can help her do just that!

I love the way her little hands are wrapped around Janell's hand here!

Could she be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

McKenna {Taiwan}

As the cracks of thunder and flashes of lightening lit up the room, 7 year old McKenna came into view. Her hands over her ears at each crack of thunder. Soon we were deep in conversation about how I too didn’t care for the storm. As time passed the storm was no longer a focus, it was as though it wasn’t even happening. Coloring pages, crayons, colored pencils and stickers out McKenna was busy creating art. Her favorite color is red. And she was very excited to pick the stickers of soccer balls as her foster brothers play soccer.

Soon, McKenna was off to play with all the other kids on the playground equipment. Even in her girly-girl outfit – and she loves to be dress up and be pretty - she did not hold back. Her caregiver was quick to let us know that she actually prefers to play with the boys.

McKenna has some delays and is noted to have a slightly low IQ. She is receiving occupational therapy.

This talkative, creative, and active little girl is in search of her forever family. She is looking for a place to call home. Could this be you? 

For more information on McKenna, please contact Mary Chapman at

Dewey Has A Grant!

Read more about Dewey here!

Family Friday!

It is Friday, and we have matches to announce!!



We are so excited for these two little boys and their families!

Please like this post to help congratulate their families!

Mara {Taiwan}

Mara now has a $4,500 grant through Gladney!!

Oh my goodness! Total sweet heart alert! We got to see Mara for the second time when we visited Taiwan in May!

With total politeness she asked for a pack of gummy snacks. A girl that knows what she wants. Soon she was showing off her talent to color! Wow does this girl have skill. Colors all out and organized, color page tilted ever so slightly, and bent into the coloring pose she started her master piece. As we watched she made the most deep-in-thought faces as she decided exactly how she wanted the final
product to be.

Mara is such a gentle soul.  She has an adorable smirk and wise, knowing eyes.  She loves drawing, puzzles and going to school.  And she was very, very pleased with her new haircut-- she "likes it short because it’s easier to fix and much cooler". She is so incredibly persistent, such as hard worker. Her foster mom said "She is always like this.  She comes home from school and does her work, I never have to remind her. She doesn't even stop to eat her snack until she has completed all her work."  What an amazing kid!

Mara has a neurodegenerative disease -- that is an umbrella term for the progress loss of function of her nervous system.  She also has scoliosis. She gets occupational and physical therapy weekly and her foster mom says it has really helped her posture and endurance.  Mara walks, goes up and down stairs and can even jump.  She has weakness in her arms and legs, but she really impressively compensates when doing daily activities. She is independent with dressing, bathing, and eating. 


Unfortunately, we don't know specifics about Mara's disease or how fast it will progress. She was seen by a neurologist in 2010, but they were not able to reach an official diagnosis.  They refer to it as "encephelomylopathy" in her official paperwork, which is, again, an umbrella term for any disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.  Sweet Mara is such a joy.  She deserves a family who will be detectives and help determine what is causing her weakness.  She deserves a family that will challenge her with puzzles, math problems and lots of therapy.  She deserves a family that will be there, whether the disease progresses rapidly or very slowly.  She deserves love. She deserves her family. 

Mara is a go getter. She is sweet. She is looking for her forever family. Could that be you? For more information on Mara, please contact Mary Chapman at

You can read a previous post about Mara here.


Sonnet, I have to smile when I think of this little one and the sheer joy that infuses her little face when she smiles or laughs.

One time when we were visiting her she showed us over and over how she could go up and down the steps that were in the room. Each time she would stop to smile or throw her head back to laugh when she checked to see if we were still watching.

A game of peek-a-boo was just as popular. We have it in our notes that she likes dancing and music. She is just so joyful!

Sonnet is 3 years old and has Apert Syndrome. She has syndactyly of her hands and feet. She is amazing in her ability to figure out how to do what she wants to do. She walks, runs, and jumps. She stacks blocks and holds a crayon to scribble on paper. She also speaks clearly in short sentences. 

She goes to school at the orphanage. She is in foster care. Her foster mom reports that she gets along well with the other children in the home and is outgoing. When asked what Sonnet doesn't like her foster mom said that she just likes everything!

This sweet little girl needs a family that will adore her for the perfect child that she is as well as help her to reach her full potential. Could she be your daughter? Please contact us at for more information.

And please share Sonnet's post! It makes such a huge difference when we all work together for these children!