Meet Rowan!

Are you ready to meet Rowan? Just look at this little cutie! Those missing teeth just do me in!

Rowan is seven years old who is described as a respectful, cheerful boy with an active personality. He lives with a foster family and is in grade 1 in school.

He is described as agile. He runs and jumps, including jumping with both feet off the ground. He goes up and down stairs by himself. He can play with a ball and uses chopsticks well.

Although there were some questions about Rowan's development at one point, he is now considered on target with his peers developmentally. His file indicates that he has no ongoing health concerns. 

Rowan's favorite snacks are chocolate and candy, which sounds like most other little seven year olds I know! He gets along well with and enjoys playing with other children.

This precious little boy needs a family of his own! Could he be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for additional information. 

Wordless Wednesday {Missing China}


Kira is a thirteen year old girl with no known health concerns. Could she be your daughter? 

Happy, Happy Monday!

We have some matches to announce this lovely Monday morning!

First of all there is Alice:

Then there is Olly:

And finally Layla:

Aren't they just precious?!

We also want to congratulate a family who met their daughter while we were all sleeping last night (Monday morning in China).

What a great Monday!

Family Story Friday!! {Adopting a Child With Birthmarks}

The following post was written by a wonderful family whom we have come to know and love as they adopted little Ava. I love how they fell in love and did what it took to bring their daughter home!

Back in the good old days, (ya know, before we had kids) my husband, Todd, and I had all sorts of grand ideas of how we would parent.

First of all, our kids were not going to be picky eaters. We would introduce them to a wide variety of delicious foods, and they would eat them all. Ok, they would eat some of the foods, but they most definitely would not live off of chicken nuggets and goldfish crackers. Our kids would also behave in public.

Man, we were so naïve.

We have two biological sons: Adam, born in July of 2009, is strong willed but sensitive. He is introverted, but he doesn’t stop talking about things he is passionate about.  Jacob, born in August 2012, is a typical younger brother. He believes everything belongs to him.

Adam appears to have sensory processing issues due to ear infections as a toddler. He has an extremely sensitive sense of smell and a strong gag reflex. He also prefers “soft” clothes and flannel sheets. He tells us he doesn’t like to eat and is extremely picky. Some days, I beg him to finish his chicken nuggets and goldfish crackers.

Adam, being the older brother, wants nothing more than to send Jacob back to whatever alien planet from which he had spawned. Jacob, of course, hero-worships his older brother and imitates everything he does. Good or bad. The boys were all I could handle.

In late 2013, Todd and I had a moment. At church, a guest speaker talked about helping just one person. It made so much sense. We could not help everyone, but we could help someone. That night, Todd asked me if I still wanted to adopt. We had talked about adoption many times over the years, but the timing never felt right. It suddenly felt right.

Soon, we began signing papers, gathering documents, and meeting with our social worker for our home study. She talked to us about institutionalized children and the common issues they bring home.

Picky eating- Wha?? We know ALL about picky eating. Sensory issues, willfulness, and over stimulation?? Check, check, check! Who knew that all this time we were raising our biological kids, God was preparing us for adoption.

On August 28, 2014, Superkids posted a Wordless Wednesday blog post to the Waiting Child Advocacy Facebook group, and I saw the most amazing little face.

The only problem was that the little face belonged to a child on Gladney’s waiting child list, and we were not a Gladney family.

I may not have followed through on my grand ideas of parenting, but I knew one thing: I would follow through with that little face no matter what.

Initially, Todd was hesitant to switch agencies and was unsure about sweet Ava’s special need. We had discussed and were open to many special needs from clubbed feet to missing limbs to beta thalassemia major. And here we were, stalled over a healthy little girl with congenital nevus (birthmarks).

Again, I knew I had to follow through. I spoke with Superkids about the beautiful little girl. I asked questions, and not just to someone reading out of a file, but to a person who had MET her. A person who had touched her and played with her. What an amazing gift when so much about international adoption is a leap of faith. Todd thought about it, and I prayed and silently begged with big puppy dog eyes. This is OUR GIRL.

Finally, we submitted our Letter of Intent.

Many long months and a few tears of impatience later, on April 20, 2015, we met the little face I had seen on Facebook.

It was surreal. It was like something straight out of a movie. It was terrifying, and we could hear her screams before the elevator even reached our floor in the civil affairs building. Our sweet little angel was absolutely distraught and wanted nothing to do with us.

She hit and screamed and sobbed for what seemed like days. But then that afternoon, she decided she liked Todd. She would beam at Todd like he was Superman and then she would give me the meanest look she could muster.

She was a picky eater. She enjoyed her milk, her boiled eggs, and some rice. She did not like cold, and she scratched her fingers over upholstery and carpets to feel the textures. She was everything we had learned about from our biological children. She was just like them but a whole lot easier. It wasn’t long before she would beam at me and hug me and whisper, “I love you” in my ear.

She loves hugs and kisses and shouting “no, that’s mine!” She dances and sings, “Let It Go” and refuses her congee if I didn’t make it the way she likes it. She plays with her brothers, kisses their boo boos, and hugs them if they are sad. They, in turn, teach her all of their bad habits.

I am not the parent I wanted to be. I am, however, the parent God equipped me to be. My kids… well, they aren’t even close to what I asked for. No, they are far better than I could have ever imagined. They aren’t perfect or always well behaved. Sometimes, they make me cry, but they also make me laugh so hard I can barely catch my breath. They torture each other relentlessly, but they stick up for each other, too. They embrace others who are different and care for others, too.

People tell us that we are good people for adopting and that Ava is a lucky girl. Honestly, we are just parents trying to survive the day so we can sneak a bowl of ice cream before bedtime.  Ava may be lucky, but not because we adopted her. Adoption doesn’t make people saints or patient or good parents or fortunate. Adoption makes people into family.

Wordless Wednesday {Lucas}

You Are Invited!

Wordless Wednesday {Samantha}

Monday Morninng Musings

Sometimes I wake up thinking about China. All of those sweet little faces I love so well fill my mind and I can't wait to go back. 

Sometimes it's in the middle of an ordinary day that something reminds me of one of them. And my mind is filled with memories. 

One thing I know for sure, these children, with their amazing resilient little spirits, have changed me! 

And I am eternally grateful that I have been given this opportunity to, in turn, touch them. Please remember our little Superkids as you go about your day today. Consider whether there is something you can do or some way you can enable someone else to do something for one of them. Simply telling other people about them and sharing posts can increase awareness thereby blessing so many! 

Thank you for all that you do. Together we can continue to reach more and more children! 

Loveable Lauren {Under Consideration}

Just look at this lovely little girl! She is such a sweet little one!

My favorite memory of her from when we met her in April is when we were blowing bubbles, which she loved, but then the nannies were concerned about the bubbles getting on the floor so we were wiping them up. She was pointing out wet spots we had missed and finally just got the tissues we were using and wiped the spots up herself!

Lauren has post operative CHD. She is 5 years old. She is in preschool at the orphanage.

She was so cute as she worked on the various puzzles and tasks our team had for her. She was very thoughtful, careful, and intentional about it. She spoke clearly and answered questions. She can count and write numbers. Her favorite color is white and her favorite toys are blocks and a small stuffed bear.

Lauren is a darling little girl in need of a family. Could she be your daughter?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Lauren.


Lincoln is a 13 year old boy who loves to read. His file states that as long as he has books to read he is happy to be lost to the world, buried in his books.

Because of his interest in books he does very well in science and other classes. He especially enjoys figuring out mechanical things. He was very excited when he repaired the oxygen to the fish tank by himself.

He is very independent and wants to explore many things. He wants to go outside and to the bookstore by himself.

Lincoln is HIV positive and needs a family to step forward quickly since his chance of being adopted is lost when he turns 14 in April.

For more information about adopting Lincoln please contact April Uduhiri at

Gentle Gayly

Gayly is a quiet, gentle 5 year old girl. She likes to dance, especially to her favorite song, "Little Apple".  She is especially happy when playing games with the other children.

She can count to 10 and follow simple directions. She attends the orphanage Kindergarten class where it is noted that she needs a lot of reinforcement when learning new concepts.

Gayly has post operative complex CHD and developmental delays. A Superkids volunteer is available to speak with families further about her needs.

When Gayly sees people she recognizes she greets them politely and will wave goodbye when it is time for them to leave. Her favorite toys are blocks, balls, and dolls.

Doesn't she sound like such a sweetheart? Could Gayly be your daughter?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Gayly!

Superkids Coming Home!

Quite a few of our little Superkids are coming home very soon! We love meeting our little Superkids, then seeing their families find them and go through the various paperwork stages to bring them home. But the very, very best of all is when when they are actually united with their families!

Six of our kids will meet their families in the next couple of weeks. Six! And we will be here watching, waiting, and rejoicing as "our" kids become "their" kids, treasured,cherished sons and daughters!

Congratulations to all! We couldn't possibly be more excited for you!

Adorable Jack {Matched!}

Jack is a darling little 2 year old boy who is friendly and happy. He is very close to his foster mom and, when we met him in April, we noticed he often checked in with her as he played with us.

Jack is in foster care now, but when he was younger he spent some time in the Butterfly Home. We have met some of the caregivers there and their love for and commitment to the children is very evident. There is no question that little Jack has been well-loved! You can read a post that someone from the Butterfly Home recently wrote about him here.

Jack has post-operative extrophy of the bladder. One of our Superkids volunteers will be glad to speak with you if you would like more information about this need.

Developmentally Jack looks great! He walks and can throw and kick a ball. He speaks in 3-4 word sentences. He responds to his name and follows commands. He is so cute when he has a toy and wants to be sure his foster mom sees it!

Jack is a smart, sweet little boy who needs a family! Could he be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Jack.

A Few New American Citizens

July 4th is just around the corner and we are celebrating with pictures of a few of our newest American citizens!