One of the bravest kiddos I've ever met

When we were in ChangSha we met this lovely girl.  She was living in foster care.  She came in with her foster father.  They had a cute back and forth dialog.  He translated for her, explaining that he was a teacher. His English was impeccable.  She has been in foster care a long time.  The foster Mom has a serious heart condition and they felt "Amanda" would have more opportunities available to her if she were internationally adopted.  She is a sweet beautiful girl.  As we talked to her more, she touched all our hearts.  Her foster father described her as open, brave, bright and straight forward.  

Amanda turns 13 in December.  That means a family has just about one year to bring her home.  When we asked her what was important to her about a family, she asked for a family who will be patient and love her. She also hopes for siblings if possible.  Amanda has had recent spinal surgery and we believe she had Spina Bifida but in her file they call this post operative straightening of bulging lumbar backbone.  She uses a wheelchair to get around but can take some steps.  She is independent in all her self care activities. Her favorite subject is Math!  Her favorite color is light purple.

This beautiful girl touched the entire teams heart.  We received a message yesterday that Amanda was moved back to the orphanage due to the foster Mom's poor health.  The foster family tries to visit her on the weekends helping her to adjust to this change.  We all cried when we read this.

This girl is waiting, hoping for a forever family.  As one chapter closes in her life, another chapter is set to open.  We hope someone feels she is their daughter.

Tears were shed

Tears of joy were shed.  Steven has a family.  Yeah, whoopee, great, wow!  The words are all inadequate.  The emotion is so powerful.  We are so happy and grateful.  This is advocacy my friends.  We shared our time with this amazing boy and you passed it along.  Now this boy who told me he so wanted a forever family is going to have one.  That is enormous!

So today there is one less child who waits.  How many more million to go.  I know I won't stop  until they all have a forever family. Will you join me? 

A favorite quote.  "Even the longest of journeys begins with just one step"- Confucius

They Are All Special!

The title of this post was going to be, "What a special kiddo!", which made me really reflect.  They are all special!  Each and every child is very special.  They have their own story, uniqueness, beauty.  They tell us something about themselves or the orphanage shares a fact about this child.  I remember how light the littlest babies felt in our arms.  I remember how one child liked musical toys and another liked balls.  I remember every child who asked me to Please, find them a family.  I keep a record of all this information.  Each time a potential adoptive parent calls, I pull out these notes and the pictures.  I like to have the pictures out when I am talking to people who inquire about the children.  In a way, I let  their pictures and their unique personality speak.  I try to convey this to the potential parents.  I hope that they will all find their forever son or daughter .  At the same time, I hope every child will find that forever family.

So yes, they are all special!  

Here are some of the beautiful, special, amazing children we met. 



I had to stop myself here or you wold be seeing 126 pictures!

Wordless Wednesday

 You are so beautiful!!

Family Fridays

In the first family Fridays post, Suzanne Meledeo shares about adopting the Waiting Child.  I was lucky to meet Suzanne's son in China.  This is how we first became aquainted.  She is a great advocate for Waiting Children.  Her son remains special in my heart as do all the kiddos we meet on our Superkids trips and every child who still waits for their forever family. 

Thinking about Adoption? Have you considered the Waiting Child?

When my husband and I first started our adoption process, these children were referred to as “Special Needs” which frankly is a little scary. We knew we were called to adopt but our dreams centered on a perfect small bouncing bundle of joy. How wrong and selfish we were! We were looking at it through the eyes of the world, not the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

After several months of paperwork and blocks in the road, our caseworker mentioned these children as a possibility to us, we looked at each, initially with fear and trepidation, and said, "We don't think so", but God had other plans. He began to work in our hearts and brought people into our lives who had adopted children from China on the waiting child list and showed us that He had a completely different plan, one far more wonderful than anything we could have imagined with our finite minds. He showed us that we didn't need be scared of this special list of children but rather to see them as beautiful children created by their Creator, perfect in His eyes, and waiting for us to adopt them!

I am going to share some pics of beautiful Waiting Children from our last trip. Dont forget to follow this blog and follow Suzanne's advocacy on a site she started with fellow Gladney Mom  Erin Martin on Waiting for Blessings 

The Hunan Province

The final orphanage stop on our Journey to China this year was to the city of ChangSha in the Hunan province.  It was very hot there but, hot and dry which was a relief from the JiangXi province.  We visited ChangSha #1 which is a large orphanage in the center of ChangSha.  We met their director, who is the the "Gongzhan" of ChangSha.  He is full of energy, enthusiasm and never stops going.  There are many programs at ChangSha #1 to provide a better life for the kiddos.  We were told a story about the director.  He missed his own child's graduation to go to the graduation of a child in the orphanage.  He spoke to us about it and said,  his own child would understand if he missed graduation but the child that he is charged with taking care of would not understand if he missed their graduation.  So he did the right thing and made the choice to go to the waiting child's graduation. 
There is a Half the Sky program at ChangSha #1.  There are also several more programs and Butterfly House which is a hospice for seriously ill or dying children.  This program gives remarkable care to seriously ill children at the end of life.  They truly feel the love and care, as we saw when we visited.

So we loved our visit here.  Loved the director.  Loved the staff and the wonderful programs here.  So here are a few pictures from the visit.  Beautiful kiddos in ChangSha.  So many shared their special stories.  They really touched our hearts.

These amazing kiddos and many more kiddos will be on our webinair Thursday night 9/12/13 at 7 pm.  Stop by to here more about the kids of ChangSha.  Maybe you are their forever family? 

here is the link to register.

    ChangSha Webinair

Moms who rock

My friend Jolene O'Dell is advocating for two of the sweeties we met on her blog.  Hop on over and see more about these two kiddos and the story of Jolene's family.  She has a heart for Children with Spina Bifida and these two children are very special!  Here is the link to her blog. 

And because I cannot help myself, a few more pics of the kiddos she is advocating for.  They are so cute. 

Jo is a mom who can really advocate for this special need because she understands it so well.     Read the post, learn more about these two kiddos.  If you want to hear even more you can contact me at 

Lets find these kids forever families. 

Steven, a very special self advocater

In the JiangXi province we met a very amazing group of children.  These kiddos told us, we want a forever family.  One by one.  Orphanage by orphanage.  We heard the same words.  These were special children who were searching for the love of a family.  This special boy was one of our self advocaters.

 Stephen is 11 years old.  he is currently in foster care.  He was initially placed with an older couple who has passed on.  We are not sure whether he was adopted or whether he was just in what everyone thought was a permanent foster placement.  He is in foster care again.  But he really wants a family of his own and forever

Here are his own words. "  very much want to have a happy family.  With a family, i can experience the love from a father and a mother.  If I have an opportunity to be adopted, I will be very happy and very much want to go to the new family."
All of us were impressed by this handsome boy.  To be 11 years old and able to advocate, ask for something so enormous, really takes your breath away when you think about it.  There are plenty of other facts about Steven that you can read in his profile or hear about this boy by contacting the Superkids team. 
The most important thing to know is there is a sweet, handsome, boy in China who is waiting for his forever family to find him.  If you could be his family and want to learn more you can contact  or