Keely's Colombia Adventures

Physical therapist, Keely O'Dell, arrived in Medellin Colombia this week. She will spend two months in Medellin and two months in Cali providing caregiver training and rehabilitation to orphans with disabilities. Some of Keely's colleagues will be joining her throughout her stay. Check out her fabulous blog

Check out these really Cute Baby Booties

Thanks Jae, for working so hard with the Kechene Women's Association!

Our wonderful intern, Jae, just returned from Ethiopia. She helped older teen and young adult orphans in Addis Ababa create these "super cute," baby booties!!! Superkids will sell them to raise money to support programs for teen orphans in need of employment.

The Kechene Women's Association, is an organization of young women who have "aged out," of the Kechene Children's Home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

There are few opportunities for these orphaned young women once they have been released from government care. Most seek low-level service industry work in Ethiopia and Middle Eastern countries, but pay is extremely low and such work is dangerous in countries with few women’s rights and no citizenship protection. Unfortunately, many fall back on prostitution to provide for themselves.

The young women of Kechene need life-skills to navigate the world, earn a living and use money wisely. They need to learn how to set goals based on safe choices, self-sufficiency, and self-esteem. They need a future that offers a chance for a long, productive, and happy life.