Ready Set GOoooing Back to China this Month!

Ready, Set, GO!!!!

Well here we go again friends.  Guess who is going to China.  Just when I think the summer will be without action, boring and a time to catch up,  the phone rings, email dings and Gongzhan and I will be going to China.  Maybe Edna Gladney will join us.  Good thing I am a woman of action.  I love the doing of each new adventure.  There is very little time to prepare for this trip.  I can't wait just to be there and have time with the children.

Just to catch everyone up, I am the first Superkids therapist ( since 2007) and China is my area of focus.  This will be my sixth trip to China.  I go to China (sometimes with a team, sometimes with Gladney VP Gongzhan Wu) to help make a difference in the life of orphaned children in China.  We train caregivers, rehab professionals and profile waiting (children immediately available through Gladney who are over the age of 2 or who have minor - significant medical conditions) .  We also hold, care for and spend time with children who will never find forever families.  This is the hardest part of what we do.  To hold a child in my arms and know they may never find a family.

What do I need to do in the next 19 days? 
  • Fundraising
I am still fundraising for this trip so if you can help, visit my trip page on the link below.  My goal is $3000 more for this trip.  See more why we need the funds in upcoming blogs but briefly, travel to china is expensive, we try to make the most of each trip and move between at least three cities.  We also bring supplies, toys, sensory cushions, and books to orphanage rehab staff who are forever grateful.  Here is the link.   Follow the link and contribute under my name.

Let's see, what else do I need to do?

Renew my visa, buy a new suite case (my last one was trashed in other trips), buy travel insurance ( I never leave home without it),set up international plan for my phone (this saves money), figure out how to fit 10 days of clothes, a sensory swing, and things needed by the orphanages children all into the suitcase I have not bought yet.

Did I forget anything? Oh yes - evaluate profiles and do as much leg work as I can on profiles of waiting children designated to Gladney.  Yes, I bolded this because this is most important.

For more information about Gladney's Waiting Child Program and the children designated to Gladney please visit Gladney's Asia Waiting Child Blog

-  get my life , paperwork in order, dog coverage, etc.

Oh my gosh!!!!

Does anyone out there have ideas on how to stay cool in southern china???