Angie {Taiwan}

Sometimes on a Superkids trips we meet a child who is so outstandingly sweet that we all lose our hearts. Most of the time we each have children who we fall in love with. Angie was one of those children we all loved. We just kept talking about how incredibly sweet she is, her personality really shone!

Angie is 12 years old and has developmental delays. She attends school, though it is hard for her. Her favorite subject is English and least favorite is math. She describes herself as lively, optimistic, and helpful. She likes jogging, riding a unicycle, and making others happy. She is helpful and a good worker.

I got out our little makeup kit and we had so much putting on makeup together. She was so proud of her beautiful fingernails and the photo I took and printed of her. She is just such a sweetheart!

Please take the time to really see Angie! She deserves to be seen for the lovely girl she is! She deserves a family to help her reach her full potential.

Could Angie be your daughter? Please contact us for more information. And, as always, if you want to see pictures and videos we cannot share publicly please join our private Taiwan Facebook group.