Dear internet friends and followers,
I am now back home in the lovely USA. Truth be told I have been here over a week. I apologize greatly for the abruptness of this post- but the return was a well maneuvered, full Hood family surprise for my mom’s birthday.  Obviously, there could be no alluding to this date prior to my departure. The result of all this trickery was absolutely priceless. I have never seen that level of shock in my mom’s eyes or heard her shriek like that in my glorious 29 years of life.
The following will thus be one last bloggy attempt to give a semblance of verbal expression to an experience that is utterly impossible to sum up in words alone.  I will use mastercard to help me.  I hope it’s not copy written:

2 Cameras
52 braces (ankle foot orthotics)
Wearing the same backpack full of cloths for 8 months
1 debit card
14 airplane tickets
1 cell phone
6 orphanages
Innumerable bus rides
4 jars of “imported” peanut butter
9342 pictures
1 12X12 box of souvenirs
3 new Colombia mothers
1 pediatric walker
13 hours of video
47 blog posts
5 visitors/best friends coming to see me
0 Malaria pills (despite the fact I carried a huge vat of them throughout my entire trip… waiting for the moment they became necessary)
3 horseback rides
1 salsa lesson
2 lice infestations
Closing my eyes and smiling all the way down to my stomach with memories of thousands of amazing kids…. priceless
Giving me something to fight for…..   priceless
Being inspired almost everyday….. priceless
Thank you for accompanying me on this priceless journey.  A few of my favorite photos to sign off:

Thanks again for all the support, shout-outs, emails, visits and well wishes of those of you who silently followed along.  Thank you so much!!! Chao…. hasta luego.