Family Friday!

Happy Friday!

This Friday is extra fabulous for a couple of our little Superkids and their new families! We have matches to announce!

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And their new families!


OK, folks, get ready.

This is Lewis.

Lewis is almost 3 and has repaired anal atresia. And he needs a family. I think his pictures tell you a lot about him.

He is described as "smart and handsome, lively and lovely". He runs and jumps and goes up and down steps. He speaks in up to 4 word sentences, he follows instructions, and asks for help when it is needed.

His file states that he loves to laugh and play with adults. Could this little sweetie be your son? Please  contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Marvin & Monroe {Taiwan}

Marvin and Monroe are brothers. Contact Mary Chapman for more information.


Up, up, and away… Marvin, age 6, loves to be high up. From the moment he came in the room he was climbing up high. Wobbly and all - that didn’t slow him down! He was quick to climb both the rope netting and the steep wooden ramp. With the sweetest tug he would pull me along to join him in his climbing adventures. When he found the steering wheel he just couldn’t get enough of the car sound effects… the beep beep & drum brumm.

Soon we got to see the sweet relationship he and his brother, Monroe, have. Tagging along with each other they went in and out of the playhouse. Up and down the slide all while making sure they made silly noises and knocked at the door upon entering. 

Marvin has celebral palsy and delays. This special little guy is such a sweet heart. He is looking for a forever family. Could that be you? For more information on Marvin, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at


Shy and not quite sure what to think of all the attention… Monroe, age 4, came over to check out what was in the special suitcase. Within a few short moments he was warming up and we were working on the animal matching game. Determined little guy… all while keeping a watchful eye on what was happening in the room, he completed the match of the entire animal game. Occasionally he would stop to ask his caregiver what the animal was.

Then on to the second match game… the Disney characters. Soon it was a high five celebration at each match! The look of joy in his eyes as the cards where lined up was priceless. At the end of our match pile Mary came in to join us, soon he was giving her high fives too! Total sweetness! 

No matter how shy Monroe was for us his love for his brother, Marvin, was always shining through. Their connection is sweet. Running after each other and playing in and out of the playhouse. The sounds and words passed between brothers only they could understand. 

Monroe is a true match for a forever family. He has a mildly enlarged heart and is looking for a family to call his own. A family that will play match with him, play at the playground, and let him warm up on his own time.  Could the match be you? For more information on Monroe, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at

Guess Who Has A Family...

It's Noah!


Landry is describes as compliant and easy going by his caregivers. He is 8 years old and is a very compliant little boy who did everything we asked him do cheerfully.

Landry has rickets and limb deformities which we will be glad to discuss in greater detail with any interested families.

He is in 1st grade and says that he likes school. His teacher told us that he is well behaved. He is beginning to read simple sentences. He enjoys doing puzzles and helping with housework such as wiping tables.

He is totally independent in his self care, and has a sweet, gentle demeanor that makes him very endearing. I can only imagine how he would shine in a family of  his own!

Could Landry be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Natasha {Urgent! Aging Out!}

Natasha is a beautiful 13 year old girl. Her paperwork was just recently prepared and she will turn 14 in March, meaning she has to be adopted in 8 months or she will never have the chance at all!

Since Natasha is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delays I worry that it will not be easy to find this lovely girl a family in time. 

She is very sweet and wanted to interact with us when we met her in April. She stayed in the room with us and enjoyed the activity even when we weren't directly interacting with her. She likes to draw and said her favorite color is blue like the color of the sky.

She was excited when the subject of adoption came up, she really wants to have parents!

This sweet girl urgently needs a family to step forward for her! Could she be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Please share Natasha's post. Let's do this together!


I almost think that Harley doesn't really need words to advocate for her. 

But then I think about the things I want the world to know about her and I know that I have to tell you about this darling girl.

 Harley's paperwork states that she is 2 years old, but the doctors in China think she may be younger than that. Regardless of her age, Harley is a little sweetie who is squishy and huggable. Her caregiver says she likes to be held and loves snacks and bananas.

She is a smiley easy going little thing who giggles often. She is afraid of loud noises. She is saying a few words such as "mama", she also babbles and imitates noises.

Harley has Down syndrome. She sits and rolls over by herself. When we met her in April she was just starting to transition from her belly to a sitting position.

Harley's caregiver feels she is advanced and is learning things quickly.

Little Harley sat and played with toys for quite a while when we were with her. She was content by herself, but my, how her little eyes lit up when we would sit down to play with her or engage her in any way!

Could sweet little Harley be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information!

Marilyn {Taiwan}

Marilyn entered the room in the sweetest little dress and the most shy face of the day. With her foster mom beside her she came my way to check out what was in the special suitcase. Within minutes she was settled in on a coloring page and the colors all spread out ready to use. She started in an upright position to soon end up all involved in the delicate perfection of the color page. Head down almost to the floor, color in hand, and her hair almost covering her face she went to work on her masterpiece. 

A few snap shots with the camera brought out her precious smile. She would pause for a photo then return to coloring. Her attention was redirected once other children came into the room. She was off to play! She has the best time running around, climbing the jungle gym, and throwing a ball around with the boys. 

Marilyn has hearing loss and wears hearing aids. She also is on medication for epilepsy. This precious little girl is in search of a forever family. She is looking for someone to play house with, color with, and of course run up and down the slide with… Could that be you? For more information on Marilyn, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at

Mikey {Taiwan}

Woosh… there goes Mikey! In like a flash! Straight for the climber… This little guy has lots of energy. Clever little fella too, he figured out he was able to climb faster and better without his socks. So off came the socks and up he went. The other children watched in amazement as he made the climb look easy. 

Off and running to the playhouse… door… who needs a door when you can climb through a window. Silly boy. Laughing out loud as he climbed through the window to go up the ladder and down the slide.

Even with all of his energy he still remained respectful to his foster mom. When she would ask him to do something he responded. It was a sweet relationship to watch.

Mikey has some delays, which he’s begun receiving therapies for. Mikey is looking for his forever family. He is in search of a family that loves being active just as much as he does. 

Could that be you? For more information on Mikey, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at

Monday Morning Matches!!

Happy Monday! Our hearts are full this morning as we celebrate the children who met their families in China while we were asleep last night and now we have these exciting matches to announce! Our hearts are overflowing.

Please help us congratulate the families of :





Oh my goodness! Nancy!

Nancy loves to give hugs! All you have to do is open your arms out and this sweetie jumps right into them and snuggles in for a long hug. Martha Osborne so totally fell in love with this little darling when we visited her in April. She is the one who gave Nancy her advocacy name.

Nancy is almost 4 years old and has Down syndrome, post operative CHD, and low thyroxine.

She gives thumbs ups, is speaking a few simple words, and blows kisses. She needs help getting dressed,but puts on her own shoes. She has started potty training. She is good at imitating and her caregivers describe her as sweet and engaging.

Nancy needs a family of her own. Anyone's life would be brighter Nancy's hugs in it! Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Micah {Taiwan}

Lights, camera, action… Micah is full of life! From the moment he came into the room he stole the show. With his caregivers in tow he was off to the races… following directions, singing songs - with hand motions included - and even bowing to say hello. 

It is no surprise why Micah is such a lovable little guy. He is happy and willing to engage anyone that he comes in contact with. He was sure to bow hello to me and look through the animal match cards. Then off to the play house to knock and say hello. In and out the door and up and down the slide he went… 

Full of energy for all the fun life brings… Micah is in search of his forever family. Micah has Down syndrome, but he sure is one special little boy, an extra chromosome makes him just who he is! He is in search of his forever family. A family that will love him unconditionally just the way he is. Could that be you? For more information on Micah – including an adorable video of him imitating animal sounds!

– please be in touch with Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at

Oh, Baby Noah!

Noah is a darling (I know the word is over-used, but look at this baby!) 18 month old baby boy loves to cuddle. His caregiver said he lifts his little arms into the air when he wants to be picked up. He needs a mommy who will grab that little sweetie up the second those little arms are outstretched.

Noah has corrected clubfeet. We met him in April, and Keely, our physical therapist, said his feet look great! It was obvious that he had a very close connection with his therapist who was in the room with him. He receives therapy on a daily basis.

We had a little toy car with us, he latched onto that thing and didn't want to let go. We also had a little mirror. He smiled every time he saw his cute little face!

Little Noah feeds himself and can crawl as well as taking steps with support. He is doing so well developmentally!

Could you be Noah's mommy or daddy? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

We need a family with a log in date or nearing dossier completion for Noah.

Monday Morning Matches!!

Happy Monday and happy 4th of July!

We have good news today!

Calvin has a family!

And so does Helen!

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Just look at Noah! Can you even stand the cuteness!? We need a family with a log in date (LID) or nearing dossier completion. Please contact Wendy Stanley at for more information.