Boys are Great Too!

Found a great video on the Internet recently about adoption of boys.  I will repost the link here for anyone who wants to check it out.  When I first went to China I expected to see all girls in the orphanages.  Surprisingly that is not what I found.  In my travels I have seen more like the ratio of 60/40. Girls to boys.  Reports on the shared list are 25% girls to 75% boys  Why ???  I do not know.  Here is a reason I never knew of until recently.  Girls are picked more readily than boys when pre adoptive parents ask to be matched with children.  I was uneducated as to this and could not believe it when I found out.  So now being an orphan boy makes you less likely to find a forever family than being an orphan girl.  Who could believe this??

When I first went to China, saw the children and spoke with social workers about them I did not understand the whole concept of special needs.  Children who are missing a hand or fingers, have a skin condition or, have a repaired heart defect are all considered special needs.  They would not be considered that here.  Also children who are over the age of 5 are considered special needs.  Why??  Because there is less of a chance of them being adopted.  All this was enough for me to shed many tears on my first several trips to China.  I guess I thought that very few would consider a special needs adoption.  I am so happy to be proven wrong, again and again as pre adoptive parents call me about children.  You know what they ask?   What is the child like, I get some questions about medical needs but more than anything it's, "tell me about what this child is like?".  What is the child like as a person?  I can say I have been so pleasantly surprised.  Focus is much less on disability than who that child is.  All I can say is you guys rock.  Yeah pre adoptive parents!!!!!  I'm in your corner.

So, let's hope everyone can open their hearts to boys as well as girls, ability instead of disability and all children in orphanages worldwide.