A Successful Summer!

Thank you to Liana, Tanya, Anita, Joan, Mark, Neeha, and Rhonda for making this summer Superkids' biggest success! Teams of physical, occupational, and play therapists provided caregiver training and direct medical intervention to orphaned children in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and Cali Colombia. Superkids started a successful read aloud program in Addis that exposes orphaned children to books and improves literacy and language development. The Superkids Colombia team provided therapy and an exercise program for pregnant women in crisis living in Cali. We also provided funding for school age orphans in Medellin, Colombia to receive English language classes for 1 year. Superkids will send more physical therapists to China this fall to continue caregiver training.

Superkids is Growing! Over the past 3 years, Superkids has conducted 8 humanitarian aid missions in China, Ethiopia, and Colombia. We have worked with 7 orphanages, 4 foster care homes, and 1 pregnant women in crisis center. We have trained more than 300 orphanage caregivers, provided medical consultation for 100 children and infants with severe medical conditions, delivered 3 wheelchairs to teen orphans with spinal cord injury, and delivered more than 300 therapeutic toys.