DDDDDDDing Ding Ding!!!!

We are so Happy!  There has been a good deal of crying, singing and excited conversation and of course bell ringing.  We are all in awe.  Do you all remember a few weeks ago when we announced this sweet beauty had found her family?

Well this amazing family has chosen to adopt this sweet young man as well.  

We have all been crying tears of Joy just thinking about it. We so love both of these children. Orphanage mates, Close friends.   So we are so Happy to ring the bell!!!!!

Ding  Ding Ding Ding!!!  

We have both found our family!!!

Our Hearts are Full

We are so excited that a group of adoptive parents is leaving for China between Thursday and the weekend.  This is a large group and Oh Boy was that fast.  Fast for us but not fast enough for them.  Also never fast enough for the kiddos!  So at this moment our hearts are full.  Fuller that full, actually overflowing with Joy!!!!

Many of the special faces that rested on our shoulders and kiddos that we held in our arms are coming home.  Coming home to a family who loves them already!!!  Loves them with their whole heart! There are not enough exclamation points to use here.   I can remember the weight of every sweet baby, the toy each child liked or how the reached out and held our hands wanted another picture or wanted to play.

So today we are reaching out to all these sweet families to wish them well in their journeys.  SO they know we love and support each and every one of them and their special kiddo.  We are just overjoyed, these sweet kiddos are coming home.

SO today our hearts are full!  Till we think about the orphanages that are also full!  We know we are just a part of the process but if we all work together and never give up this will change!

Taking a moment to share some sweet pics of our trip last year!

Such Sweet Faces!

Ok, so I missed the Memo about National Downs Syndrome Day on this blog.   I don't know how that happened but yesterday was the day.  Downs Syndrome is called Trisomy 21.  Indicating an extra chromosome in the 21st pair so 3/21.  Do you get it?  Well I missed everything even the idea that once you know the name its impossible to forget.  More about what has been occupying my mind later but i wanted to share some sweet faces of children who have Downs syndrome.  They are not alt all defined by their special need, they are playful, happy, curious, sad,  energetic, happy , sweet, inquisitive, oh and did I say HAPPY!

Seriously these children bring so much Joy to their lives and they are living in orphanage.  Imagine how they would blossom as you son or daughter.  Now that is not minimizing the need at all.  Adopting a child with Downs syndrome is HARD!  But there is so much Joy in these children.  They are special and can change your life.

Now aren't these some sweet faces.

For more information about these beautiful  children please contact patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com   

I have found my Family!!!!!

You see this cute Boy!  He has all of our hearts.  Well now he has the heart of a family too.  Cue the Horns, Singing and THE BELL.

I Have Found My Family!!!!!!!!!

Ding Ding Ding Ding DING!!!!

Hugs to this special little man and Hugs to his wonderful family. 
 We are so happy for you and can't wait for you to come home.  

Advocacy Monday

There is a cutie waiting on the other side of the world who needs a family.  As you are going to sleep tonight he will be waking up in an orphanage.  I love his smile.  He makes me want to laugh.  Just his picture makes me smile.  Sometimes there are children who just make your heart sing.  This little bug is one of those kiddos
This little sweetie is BoBo and he is just over two years old.  You can start smiling now.

This boy is cuter than cute.  He likes to play with toys and his favorite toy is a rattle.  He will walk around playing.  He comes slowly to you if you show him a Toy.  He is also happy to walk around holding your hand.  BoBo does not have stranger anxiety.  He likes familiar people and new visitors.  He can squat down to pick up a toy and stand back up.  BoBo  can also throw the ball.  He can get the caregivers attention and he captures the heart of everyone who meets him.
BoBo's special need is ear atresia.  He does not have ear canals on either side.  His hearing is significantly impaired.  He may be deaf but we do not know for certain.  So the fact BoBo is young is great because a family will be able to get him soon and get him started with medical follow up and sign language.
So are you open to the need of significant hearing impairment or deafness.  This boy could bring so much Joy into your life.  He does not need to hear you to call you Mama or Papa.  He needs some one to teach him to sign just as you teach a baby with hearing to say words.  Someone who will love him unconditionally regardless of his sweet little ears.  This boy is perfect and he just needs to find his family.  Could that family be YOU?

For more information on sweet little BoBo please contact patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com 

Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!

This is Big Big News!!!!!!

There has been a lot of dancing, celebrating and general happiness here.  Could you hear us Yelling!!!  And singing and crying??  AND ringing that bell?

Well here we go.

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

I Have Found My Family!!!!

So this beauty who we advocated for so strongly and we all hoped for a family for is now loved by a Mom and a Dad!!!!!

We are so happy for you Xin Xin!  Yeah for you Yeah!  We will all hold you in our hearts until you are home and in the loving arms of your family but we could not be happier!!!!!

We laughed together

They made us laugh and have such a special spirit.  They are waiting for families and we remember being with them like yesterday.  We hope they find their families too!

We so hope all these kiddos find their families!!!

They Brought Laughter into the Room!

Sometimes on our trips we meet children who bring us laughter.  They have an incredible gift in their spirit that makes us all laugh. Their smiles are infectious and their laughter melodious.  Makes us all giggle.  We have a great time with these children.  We play, draw, have them do a physical activity like play soccer, chase bubbles or just take their beautiful laughing picture.  We spend time with these children really connecting.  Which is all so wonderful, but then we come home.

We think about these kiddos back in the orphanage and we wonder if they are OK.  Do they laugh when in their everyday routine.  Is anyone playing with them? The fact that they have the capacity to be so happy with us makes it all the more difficult that they are in a cold orphanage on the other side of the world.  Tears and thoughts  for each one of them happen on a regular basis on this side of the world. We long for each of them to have that spark awakened by the forever family that is meant for them. They bring such incredible spirits to life.  The fact they can connect and have such fun is a very good thing.  It means that they are ready to connect to a family.

So we hope and dream for these kids.  We hope everyone who reads about them will see how amazing, special and fun they are and how much they need you.  They need love everyday.  They need Moms to kiss their tears and Dads to teach them how to ride a bike.    They need a family to laugh with them and share their incredible spirit.  Sometimes they need a family to push their wheelchair or help them learn to walk or talk.  To help them through a medical procedure or just to color with them in a coloring book.

So on this side of the world we post, and tell stories and advocate.  We hope you can see in them what we saw.  These are beauties just waiting for you to come get them.  They will bring so much to your family and life.

     OK this had too many pics so come back later in the week and I will post some more pics of these kiddos who so touched our hearts!!!

The End is Just the Beginning

The completion of Operation Oh Suzannah.   Thanks to the village we all belong to a chance dream happened.  the history goes as follows.  A Mom advocated for her sons friend.  Asked me  about this child. I asked the orphanage.  This sweetie we now cal Suzanna had a very specific special need that I was very familiar with. This led to the file of one child from this orphanage being prepared.  It was not Suzanna's file. At least not yet. Thanks to a wonderful advocate from CHI, Sharon, a great family donated their child's slightly used wheelchair just for this girl.  Suzannah was in a chair that did not fit her so this is a big blessing. Thank you Sharon, Thank you to the family.  You both rock!

Next,  How to get the wheelchair to China.  Enter another part of the village, a traveling family.  They volunteered to transport the wheelchair.  This is not an easy thing to do.  I have done it through multiple cities.  Again, Sharon found the family to take the chair.   I love this community.  Thank you again Sharon and thank you Amy and family.

Well Operation Oh Suzanna was completed today.  The wheelchair made it to the orphanage.  Yeah!!! Suzannah was under the weather and was visited in the orphanage hospital wing by the traveling family.  Here are the pictures.  We love this beauty's smile.

Now what did we mean by the end is just the beginning?  Well now we need a family to step forward.  This girl needs a home where a few broken bones will not mater.  Where her body and her spirit can blossom. We as a community can help this to happen.  Share with friends.  Pass along this story.  Lets see what we can do.  Lets find this girl a family who will love her forever.


Adopting an older child.

Over the years we have worked with quite a number of families who have opened their hearts to older children.  I have been in contact with many of these families, keeping track of how they are doing, monitoring, rooting for them and since its older child week on the asiawaitingchild.wordpress.com blog, I thought I would share some of my observations with you.

In general our parents tell me the older child fit into their family beautifully.  In birth order or out of birth order, they do well.  Children who come home as an older child will be learning a new culture, language and family routines which lets everyone jump in to help them.  There is great bonding in helping a child do a task. It lets the brothers and sisters interact over an activity, not just talking.  It also establishes cooperation and a positive footing.  One wonderful adoptive mom told me she begins her simple routines before they even get home.  Like making the bed together, brushing teeth together.  When the family goes out, each child gets something to hold like the map, the water bottles, the tissues. All working together, all part of the team. All these normal acts combine together to help everyone part of the whole.

In general families report to me while going through the first weeks and months home, language is an issue. Less and less families are challenged now because of translation programs.  These translation programs are not perfect and they can cause misunderstandings so look for a bewildered look on your child's face and maybe try a second app or gestural communication if you think there is an issue.

The other questions and concerns I hear are about sensory issues and the child being very active.  Sensory sensitivities are going to come up.  If you never go to a beach, and are suddenly walking on sand, you are going to feel funny.  You wont understand how hot sand can get and may not want to step off the boardwalk if you try it once on hot sand.  If you have never washed with a wash cloth it may feel too rough on your face. As a parent you need to look at what sensory activity a child is having trouble with and consider if they possibly had no experience with that activity before.  You can slowly introduce the activity and see how they do.  

Many parents say their child was excessively active once they were united in China.  These kids need loads of physical activity on their trip.  Activity(exercise) calms us all.  These kids are going through such a big change some physical exercise will help your child be calm and more relaxed.  Remember exercise, endorphins help us all feel better.  Take a walk, go to the park and play with your older child, swing on the swings.  Its a great sensory activity as well.

Many parents adopting an older child also tell me, their child did better with a routine, schedule and expected outcomes.  They used the guide to tell the child a schedule.  This is what we will do in the morning, and after lunch etc.  The more the child knew the better able they we able to handle the events of the day.  when these families are home they establish a beginning routine almost right away.  Like we put on PJs and brush our teeth before bed.  It helps everyone be on the same page and as language is developing, it lets them feel like they know what to do.

So these are some helpful things parents have shared with me.  I am sharing them with you because adopting an older child is such a wonderful thing. This is not intended to minimize the challenges of adopting an older child. There are many challenges and issues, but it is so worth it. Parents report this again and again.

These children are great and need loving families willing to accept and nurture them.  To help them bloom and be even more amazing than they already are.

Such a Busy Week!!!

  OK It was such a crazy, busy week!!!!  Here is the brief news.

Operation Oh Suzanna continues.  The package has left the country so to speak.  Wheelchair is on its way and has arrived in China.  We are getting picture updates.  It was wheeled on to China.  The passenger was a teddy bear.  Yeah!!!  Delivery is scheduled for Wednesday China time that is Tuesday night our time.  We cannot wait for this.  Great work adoption community with a big heart!
Next great news:

We are so excited to announce that this amazing boy who is so handsome and sweet will have a family.  He is so dear to our hearts and such a little bit of Sugar.

Ding Ding Ding DING!!!!!
I have found my family.   

Wait there is more........

On our trip this summer we met a beautiful girl.  We all loved her so much and so wanted a family to step forward .  Well ,Yeah,this is exactly what happened!

Ding Ding Ding DING!!!!!!!
I have found my family!

Oh there is more too!  We are waiting on a few final pieces of paper before we can finish all the events of the week.  But there is even more absolutely amazing, exciting and heart warming news.  Today we celebrate with these two cuties.  

What a week friends.  Thank you for your support and all that you do by sharing and keeping these cuties in your thoughts.  Wow what a week.!!!