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On Friday of this week we are having our annual fundraiser. It's a time of reflection and celebration for us. At our last fundraiser we said we would like to be able to plan 2 trips a year. That became a reality in 2015. Now we are expanding on that by adding the advocacy camp and trips to Taiwan. We are constantly growing and expanding and it is thanks to the support we receive that we can do this.

So we are going to spend this week focusing on the upcoming event and the children who will be featured there. We will have a child featured at each table and we are going to share those children with you this week.

If you cannot attend the event but would like to contribute financially you can certainly do that! Just visit this page and enter the amount you want to donate or email Nonya Jordan at

Our featured child today:

Logan is shy at first, but warms-up quickly and is ready to play! This active little guy loves doing summersaults and going down the slide. He has a skin condition that is improving over time   He is becoming more talkative and interactive with peers. Superkids is helping Logan find his forever family.

Superkids Spotlight Webinar Recording

Superkids Spotlight: Hearing and Vision Issues


Helen is a beautiful 6 year old girl who is a little quiet and shy. She doesn't smile easily, but when she does it lights up the room!

Helen has Beta Thalassemia and receives blood transfusions about once a month. She seemed to lack energy when we met her, it may have been nearly time for another transfusion.

She made a necklace by stringing beads, jumped, stood on one foot, and went up and down steps for us. She copied shapes, followed directions, and spoke clearly in complete sentences. 

Helen is a sweet, quiet little girl who needs a family to rush to her to bring her home so that she can get the medical care she needs!

Could Helen be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.


You may remember Jack from our September trip. He is the cute little boy who surprised us all by introducing himself as Jack in perfect English. I think he pretty much had us all at, "Hello, my name is Jack!"

Jack is 6 years old. He is outgoing and smiles easily. He has low vision due to cataracts. He can see when he holds things close to his face, for example he could tell us that the ball he was holding was purple. He put together a puzzle, stacked blocks, and repeated a pattern of blocks.

Jack lived in a foster home, where he learned to speak English fluently, until recently. He is now back at the orphanage.

He walks, runs, jumps, and goes up and down stairs independently. And he certainly loved sliding down the little slide that was in the room when we were there!

And listen to this, he loves dinosaurs that eat grass. And he likes when people read him books about dinosaurs. When he said that I just wanted to scoop him up and read to him all afternoon!

Could this special little boy be your son? Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Meet Remy!

Remy is a helpful, creative and motivated 9-year-old boy who is gifted in athletics and loves learning. He plays badminton and enjoys attending 3rd grade, where he is a conscientious, enthusiastic student who loves to learn new things.

Remy had polio, which created some weakness in his left hand and foot – however, he doesn’t let it stop him! His caregivers note that, despite the weakness, his muscles have great flexibility and movement. He is an otherwise healthy, active boy. 

Socially, he is helpful and somewhat shy. He enjoys creating and putting things together, like puzzles and block buildings and castles. His caregivers note that he is independent and often volunteers to assist with the other children and daily tasks. 

The Superkids team met Remy last year and will be seeing him again during their trip in April. His caretakers made a note of expressing their wishes for Remy, most of all for him to have a “warm, complete family”. How wonderful if his family was working towards bringing him home when the SK team travels in April? 

Could Remy be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Wordless Wednesday {Cecily, "Where Is My Mommy?"}

Marvelous Molly! {Taiwan}

Molly is a sweet, happy 7 year old girl in need of a loving forever family. She is shy and quiet when meeting new people. Molly is described as gentle and considerate. She also can be very curious and likes to try new things.

She is currently in the 1st grade at school and is stated to have excellent learning abilities. She gets along well with her teachers and peers. Molly also attends after school activities, including art classes. 
Molly recently moved into a new foster family as her original foster family moved out of the country. She has been adjusting and is attaching well to her foster mother. She is a good helper at home, and loves to help care for her foster mother's young granddaughter. She always tries to calm the granddaughter when she is upset. She also loves the family's pet dogs!
For more information on Molly, including photos and short videos, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

A Night Among the Stars...

A night among the stars...

Our stars.

The hundreds of little reasons Superkids exists.

The reasons we fly to China and Taiwan. The many, precious little stars who steal our hearts, and inspire us, and keep us going when we are tired and over-busy.

Come spend an evening with us. Hear us talk about our Superkid stars. Meet some of our Superkids who are now home with their families. Both "Amanda" and "Goeff" (former advocacy names) will be there with their parents!

And it is all to support our continued work with and for these little stars! It's not too late to register, but the date is just around the corner and the seating is limited, so be sure to register soon!

 6:00 pm Cocktails
7:00 pm Dinner

Maloney & Porcelli
Skylight Room
37 East 50th Street, New York City


                   Please click above to sign up as a sponsor or register for the event.

For more information, please contact Nonya Jordan 
at 817.922.6045 or

Monday Morning Matches!

We have matches to announce! Oh yes, yes we do! We love a great matched kids post to start our week off right!





Congratulations, little ones! Congratulations, families! May the paperwork move swiftly and may you all be together soon!

Friday Fun!

What is more fun than this little sweetheart with her cute voice and her little sprout in her hair!? She is saying her friends' names as she sees their pictures.

Cuddly Carter

Carter is a 22 month old baby boy who loves to cuddle! I'm not sure who was enjoying it more here, Chelsea or Carter, but they both look pretty happy to me!

Carter has Down Syndrome and a hand deformity. He is a quiet baby, he was so enjoying his time being cuddled that he fell asleep in Chelsea's arms waiting his turn to be seen by the medical team!

He rolls over and extends his arms to lift his tummy and head when he is on his tummy. He makes some sounds but is not saying words yet. He likes to play with bells and other toys that make sounds.

This sweet baby boy needs a family who will give him all the cuddles he deserves! For more information please contact April Uduhiri at

Wonderful Wednesday!

Instead of Wordless Wednesday we are going with Wonderful Wednesday today because, well, I have a lot to say!

There is so much going on right now! We are planning our April trip. The team is settled, itinerary is close to being nailed down, the tickets are bought (or at least in the process of being bought)!

The Team for Superkids April 2016:

Keely Farkas
April Uduhiri
Darla Wrage
Martha Osborne
Erin Martin
Nancy Dobsin
Nancy Meyer

Nancy Meyer will be participating in the Superkids Camp but then also joining us for a few days in the Jiangxi province since the team will be dividing and we need another photographer for those days.

But that's not all that's happening! We are also deep into planning the Superkids Camp! We have had a great response, but we are still looking for prospective adoptive parents who are interested in going! We are planning a conference call for anyone who is interested in learning more, we would love to have you join us! Get more information here.

That is still not all! We are also planning a lovely gala to raise funds to benefit our little Superkids! It is thanks to funds raised at this type of event that we can now make 2 trips to China each year and reach so many more children! You are all invited and we would love to see you there! Get more information here.

It really is a wonderful Wednesday!

Superkids Advocacy Camp Conference Call

We will be holding a conference call for anyone interested in learning about Gladney's Superkids Advocacy Camp trip for prospective adoptive parents. 

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 23rd
Time: 1pm EST

Dial In #: 1-800-326-0013, conference code: 7643552 when prompted

The Superkids Advocacy Camp is an opportunity for prospective adoptive parents to travel to China and learn a little bit more about the children  who are waiting for forever families and to possibly meet the child they may adopt. 

The trip will take place from April 9-17 and the group will be visiting two of Gladney's partner orphanages - Shanghai Children's Home and Changsha #1 Social Welfare Institute. The cost of the trip will be approximately $2600 per participant, and this will include all travel/lodging/food. The cost of the China visa will be separate.

If you would like an application or to learn more about the trip, please contact Mary Chapman at

Superkids Spotlight Webinar!

It is time for our next webinar:

Superkids Spotlight: Hearing and Vision Issues

Join Superkids Pediatric Physical Therapist Keely O'Dell for an informative series on common medical needs seen in children available for adoption. Our February webinar will focus on hearing and vision issues. 

We will have a Q&A time at the end of the webinar to ask follow up questions from the presentation, or general questions about Gladney's China Waiting Child program.

Date: Thursday, Feb. 25th
Time: 1pm EST

Meet Darren! {Taiwan}

Darren is a healthy 7 year old boy who needs a stable, loving family. He is described by his caregivers as active, warmhearted, and honest. 

Darren takes soccer lessons and cajon drum lessons. He likes to play a game with peers where he is a reporter and is proud when he reads an article aloud. Darren attends school and his favorite subject is math. He also attends weekly English tutoring lessons. 

Darren attended a summer hosting program in the US in 2015 and since then has been very excited about the possibility of being adopted. 
For more information on Darren, including a short video, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

Handsome Hunter

I have a handsome boy to introduce today! See what I'm talking about?

Hunter is 9 years old and has a right hand deformity. Apparently this deformity doesn't keep him from doing anything he wants to do!

He lives with a foster family and I had to laugh when I read in his file that he tries to snatch cookies with his right hand! Sounds like a 9 year old boy, doesn't it!?

He is in public school and is considered an average student. He speaks clearly and follows directions easily. He plays soccer, runs track, and enjoys other sports.

He is very friendly around people who are familiar to him but is more reserved with people he doesn't know.

Could this handsome boy be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information!


Caleb is a 4 1/2 year old boy who is described as "a bit shy but very smiley".

Caleb has cerebral palsy that affects his right side. He uses his left hand to stack blocks and do other activities and mostly uses his right hand as a helper.

He walks independently. His right foot drops a little when he walks, but he walks pretty steadily and without assistance.

He speaks in 3-5 word sentences. He answers yes and no sentences, and follows simple commands.

This sweet little boy needs a family to help him reach his full potential. He needs therapies and the one on one attention and love of a family! Could this little guy be your son? Contact April Uduhiri at for more information!

Give Love!

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Sweet Harper!

Harper is a an outgoing, polite little 8 year old girl. She likes to take walks with her foster family after dinner and she likes to pose for pictures (I can't wait to meet her!)

Harper has hydrocephalus and sleep apnea is also mentioned in her file.

She attends elementary school and is in 1st grade. Her language and social skills are progressing well. She has many friends and they enjoy sharing food with each other. She can count to 30 and write the numbers from 1-10. She is learning a few English phrases. She is interested in singing and dancing. According to her teachers she is doing well in school, completes her homework on time, and gets along well with other children.

She runs, skips, hops and does all those things 8 year olds love to do. She has trouble recognizing colors, but understands shapes. She also enjoys helping her foster mother with housework such as folding laundry.

Could this sweetheart be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Baby Neil

Neil is only 18 months old and has the sweetest, kissable little chubby cheeks. He is described as quiet and as having a ready smile. He likes to listen to music and play with toys.

Neil recognizes his name and turns when it is called. He likes seeing his reflection in the mirror and smiles at himself when he sees it. He likes to play peek-a-boo and laughs aloud when he is playing.

Neil has epilepsy. He can raise his head when lying on his stomach and support himself with his arms. He can stand with support and jumps when he is supported. He holds and eats crackers by himself.

Neil is from our partnership orphanage that requests that we don't share photos publicly. For more information and to see photos please contact April Uduhiri at .

A Special Invitation!


The Gladney Center for Adoption invites you and your friends to a special
 evening in New York City to benefit the Gladney Superkids Program. 
Join us for a memorable evening in support of our humanitarian efforts to find loving forever families for Chinese orphans with special needs.
 6:00 pm Cocktails
7:00 pm Dinner

Maloney & Porcelli
Skylight Room
37 East 50th Street, New York City

Please click above to sign up as a sponsor or register for the event.

For more information, please contact Nonya Jordan 
at 817.922.6045 or


Look at this little cutie with his big, outstanding eyes!

This is Cole. He is two years old. He was one of the first kids in the room when we saw him in September. He and Courtney came in at the same time. When Keely gave Courtney her helmet we all expected her to be upset by it. Boy were we wrong! Not only did she love it, but Cole was super jealous that she got a helmet and he didn't!

He is a smiley, friendly little boy who is very inquisitive. He was so interested in all of the toys we had with us! He imitates words and is starting to say some words in Mandarin. He scribbles with a crayon, puts objects in and out of a container, and stacks blocks. He walks independently, walks backwards, and walks up and down steps.

Cole has several medical needs including heart and liver involvement as well as an abnormal brain scan. When asked what she would like to tell his adoptive family his nanny replied that she really wants him to grow up and be successful because he is very smart.

Are you my Mommy?
Could this cute little boy be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

Wordless Wednesday

Precious Maddox! {Taiwan}

Maddox is a precious baby boy who was born in June 2015. Maddox has a sweet smile that he shares with his caregivers. He makes eye contact when being held or talked to, and he startles at loud noises. He can roll front to back and can hold his head up for several seconds. Maddox will reach for objects and can grasp small objects when placed in his hands.

Maddox has Down syndrome and after much consideration and love his birth parents have decided that making an adoption plan is best for his future. 
To review Maddox’s full profile, including medical information and photos, please contact Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at

Monday Morning Matches!

We are starting the week off right! We have matches to announce!


We can't show you a picture of  Nigel, but we can sure rejoice with his family who already knows how cute he is! 




Congratulations to all! What a great Chinese New Year gift!

Happy New Year!


Haley is an outgoing, talkative 10 year old girl who loves outdoor sports such as roller skating and basketball.

We met her in September and she loved stringing beads and drawing with us. She is good at imitating and had so much fun counting in English after us! She was so cute and proud of herself when she would do anything we asked her to do!

We have little notes written about her like so sweet, cute, smiley, silly, and confident. She likes doing housework but is not so fond of doing homework.

Haley has a repaired cleft lip and palate.

She is in foster care and attends public school. She gets along well with other children. She writes her name and is reading some characters.

This sweet little girl needs a family to call her own! Could she be your daughter?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.