Superkids in Taiwan

This is going to be the very, very condensed version of our Taiwan experience. We leave for the airport to fly home in about 30 minutes.

Yesterday we were able to meet with the directors of both of the orphanages Gladney works with here in Taiwan and tell them about Superkids and what we do. We had excellent, thoughtful discussions about how we can work together to help the waiting children here. Since every country has different rules and laws surrounding adoption our exact approach needs to vary from country to country to best serve the children there.

Anyway, we also got to meet a few children at one location, and oh my! were they ever adorable! If you are interested in learning more about Taiwan adoption you can contact Mary Chapman at for information.

Jared {Under Consideration}

We just got new files! We love waking up to this kind of news! And since I'm sitting in a hotel in Taiwan listening to the wind still gusting from the typhoon yesterday, I'm going to tell you about one of our new little boys!

This is Jared. He is 2 years old and as cute as can be! He thought blowing bubbles was super funny, as you can see!

We first met Jared in April of this year and we saw him again on this trip. He is just such a typical, adorable 2 year old boy! He is doing great developmentally. He walks and runs and jumps, he blows bubbles and loved playing with the toy in this picture!

Jared has cryptorchidism (undescended testicle). This is such a minor need and this little boy is doing great!

I'm posting a video we took in April since we sent most of the videos from this trip home with one of our volunteers who went home on Saturday. 

Jared needs a family! Could this darling baby boy be your son? Please share this post so that Jared's family sees him soon! Contact April Uduhiri at for more information about him!

Sometimes Our Best Laid Plans...

Sometimes our best laid plans... come to naught and the best thing we can do is accept it and move on.

We certainly did not plan for the Dujuan Typhoon to hit Taipei while we are here! We received the news this morning that the government had closed schools and government jobs for the day, so that meant we would not be allowed to see children. The weather was not yet too bad, so we went to a few local places and then got beef noodles for lunch. They were so good!

In the Howard Plaza Hotel

The American Embassy

Mr. Yeh
We stopped by Carrefore on the way back to the hotel and got some water, fruit, and snacks. We are well stocked with food!

Gongzhan and Mr. Yeh


The rain and wind have increased throughout the afternoon and it is supposed to continue to increase for the next few hours. We are dry and safe inside the hotel, watching from our 12th story windows. It is pretty amazing, really.

We would much rather be seeing kids than experiencing a typhoon today, but we doing just fine here in Taiwan!

We are hoping to still be able to meet with the orphanage officials tomorrow afternoon. And Mary will be here until Wednesday evening, so we are just waiting to see how much we can do this time in Taiwan.

A Visit to Children's Hospital of Shanghai

When we were in Shanghai two weeks ago, we discovered that one of our little Superkids was in the hospital. And had been in the hospital for a long time. We were very concerned about him and tried to get all the information that we could.

As we were preparing to head back to Shanghai for the weekend we decided to try to see if we could get into the hospital to see this sweet little boy. This is not normally allowed so we really didn't know if it would happen.

Keely talking to the surgeon on the phone.

As it ended up, Keely, Erin, and Gongzhan were able to go in and see him yesterday afternoon. Keely was even able to speak directly with his doctor which was a huge benefit! We were very excited to see him doing better than expected. He hopefully will not be in the hospital for much longer and will be able to join his family as expected in the next few months.

The PICU entrance.

Through the window of the room our little guy was in.

As we visited the hospital I couldn't help but think of all the little Shanghai Superkids who have been there. So many of the kids we see have been to this hospital. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to see where they have been and to be able to picture it now as I think of children and going there in the future.

The entrance we went in

The outside of the hospital.

This is an experience I wouldn't have missed for anything!

We are now in Taiwan. Mary Chapman was here waiting for us when we arrived. We are excited to see the children here tomorrow!

New Places, New Faces {Ningbo}

Yesterday and today we were in an orphanage that we had never been to before in Ningbo. We met so many precious children!

It's hard for me to pick out a few to highlight, but I'm just going to tell you about a few of the ones who stand out in my mind.

The first boy we met when we arrived yesterday was a 13 year old with OI. He had such an outstanding personality! He so cheerfully did whatever we asked him to do and really loved playing ball with Keely. He just seemed so relaxed and happy.

Then there was the little boy we all fell in love with this morning. We don't know exactly what his diagnosis is, but we know he needs to be seen by doctors in America sooner rather than later! He pretty much had all of us ladies swooning at the first grin. But when he proceeded to try to negotiate for more fruit snacks with hand motions we were absolute goners!

And this little lady! Oh this gorgeous little lady with her snaggle-toothed smile! She is just exquisite! She did so well on all of the tests we do with the children and was so proud of herself when she did well!

Then there was the little boy who told us a very detailed story about a father cat and 3 baby cats. He talked on and on with great animation.

I'm going to stop now, but that is what we experience when we are here. Child after child with their own personality, talents, and things that make them special. Each one with a story just waiting to be told. That is why we are here. To introduce you to them so that they can tell their stories.

Today was our last day to see children here in China. Tomorrow we travel to Shanghai then on Sunday Chelsea, Lora, and Sandra will fly home while Gongzhan, Keely, and Erin will fly to Taiwan. So we may be finished seeing children in China, but this time there is more to come!

When in China...

It's so fun for us to know that people are following our travels back home. Our days are often hard and long but we get the chance to experience such wonderful things while we're here. 
With more bags than people, transportation is always quite the production.
And we are usually traveling to our next orphanage.... or our next meal...
The food is so fresh...Like REALLY fresh...
Sometimes they even prepare the food right in front of you.
But the best is watching dumplings being hand rolled... it's seriously an art form. 
We walk a lot of stairs...
And even get to do some exploring.

Yes, those are neon lights in the cave we explored
We see breathtaking scenery in the countryside
And love to people watch in the cities
They like to watch us too 
When in China, we see such marvelous things, but nothing is as awe-inspiring as the children we meet in the orphanages we visit-- beautiful, curious children who need families. We are here so that these children will be given the room to grow and dream and have adventures of their own.

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